List the Items in the My Recent Documents Folder

Reports the path to the My Recent Documents folder, and then lists any items found in that folder. For Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 98, this script requires Windows Script Host 5.1

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  • Program only lists 148 of 808 items in ...\Recent
    2 Posts | Last post March 15, 2012
    • Running the program says there are 148 items in ...\Recent
      DIR of ...\Recent shows 808 items
        DIR /AH shows Desktop.ini and Thumbs.db
      Meaning there are really 810 items there
      But the program is showing only the 148 most recent
        (order is newest to oldets)
      I wanted to modify the program to keep only the 100 most recent
        and delete the rest
      but clearly this failure means I can't do that.
    • Caption - Version - SP - Status
      Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - 5.1.2600 - Service Pack 3.0 - Status: OK
      TotalVisibleMemorySize  2,619,372
      FreePhysicalMemory        907,860 (34%)