Returns information about the signed plug and play drivers installed on a computer.

This script was tested using Python 2.2.2-224 for Microsoft Windows, available from ActiveState.

import win32com.client
strComputer = "."
objWMIService = win32com.client.Dispatch("WbemScripting.SWbemLocator")
objSWbemServices = objWMIService.ConnectServer(strComputer,"root\cimv2")
colItems = objSWbemServices.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_PnPSignedDriver")
for objItem in colItems:
    print "Caption: ", objItem.Caption
    print "Class Guid: ", objItem.ClassGuid
    print "Compat ID: ", objItem.CompatID
    print "Creation Class Name: ", objItem.CreationClassName
    print "Description: ", objItem.Description
    print "Device Class: ", objItem.DeviceClass
    print "Device ID: ", objItem.DeviceID
    print "Device Name: ", objItem.DeviceName
    print "Dev Loader: ", objItem.DevLoader
    print "Driver Date: ", objItem.DriverDate
    print "Driver Name: ", objItem.DriverName
    print "Driver Provider Name: ", objItem.DriverProviderName
    print "Driver Version: ", objItem.DriverVersion
    print "Friendly Name: ", objItem.FriendlyName
    print "HardWare ID: ", objItem.HardWareID
    print "Inf Name: ", objItem.InfName
    print "Install Date: ", objItem.InstallDate
    print "Is Signed: ", objItem.IsSigned
    print "Location: ", objItem.Location
    print "Manufacturer: ", objItem.Manufacturer
    print "Name: ", objItem.Name
    print "PDO: ", objItem.PDO
    print "Signer: ", objItem.Signer
    print "Started: ", objItem.Started
    print "Start Mode: ", objItem.StartMode
    print "Status: ", objItem.Status
    print "System Creation Class Name: ", objItem.SystemCreationClassName
    print "System Name: ", objItem.SystemName