Active Directory SYSVOL DFSR status

This script will generate the HTML report of Active Directory SYSVOL DFSR replication. This proactive monitoring will help in taking the necessary action in time if SYSVOL Replication is halted or stopped due to some issue.

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Active Directory
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  • about external css file
    3 Posts | Last post March 09, 2020
    • Hi Shashi,
      could you add your external css file or publish the content to add it inside the script. 
    • All my apologies. It's inside the zip file. 
      Another question : why using the old legacy Get-WMIObject cmdlet and not Get-CimInstance ? 
    • Hi Oliv,
      Thanks for interest in the script. There is no specific reason using get-WmiObject cmdlet and not Get-CIMinstance. Will use it.