Everything has been moved to GitHub. With Github everyone can contribute to the script. This page will be left as placeholder.

Just last week Daniel Savage published a list on TechNet Wiki with all management packs for OpsMgr 2007, R2 and 2012. A couple of days later Stefan Stranger wrote Finding Management Packs from Microsoft Download website using PowerShell and provided a small PowerShell script that provides a list with the management packs from that site and links to them. After reading that post I was wondering wouldn’t be cool if you get the names of all management packs and their links and download all of them with their guides also. And when you download them to be able to organize them in structure that includes the name of the MP and its version. Instead of writing to Stefan I’ve said to myself – What the hell I will try to make that script. I do not have any big experience with PowerShell and it was not easy to built the script but because I’ve managed to create this proves that PowerShell is easy to learn but you have to be persistent. During the creation of the script I’ve noticed that some of the links on the page were incorrect so I’ve corrected them. The script requires PowerShell v3.

In short the script grabs the names and the links for all management packs on the site. Than it goes trough every MP link. From every MP page gets the version of it and all download links (msi, guides and etc.). Than creates a directory for that MP and subdirectory with the version number and downloads all files in it.