Automation of the Steps in Microsoft KB 3025946

This is an attempt to simplify the steps outlined in the Microsoft KB at the following link: This script is useful in troubleshooting the Activation Errors with Outlook for Mac and OneNote.

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  • Worked like a charm! Cheers
    1 Posts | Last post May 16, 2019
    • Was a last resort for me. Tried un-installing and re-installing and following guides online until I found this, thanks so much.
  • Spinning, and can't activate
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2019
    • I can't activate my OFFICE.  Is there support I can talk to that can walk me through this?  Apparently my old office is unsupported now!
    • Sorry about this!  There is support.  Go to the following URL:
      Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Contact Us.  
  • script is not running
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2019
    • hi,
      I am trying to active the Office 2019 for MAC which I bought 2 days ago, which is impossible. I hoped to solve it by running this script.
      I cannot run the script because an error message is popping up.
      something like Apple cannot send events to Finder.
      in German: Keine Berechtigung zum Senden von Apple Events an Finder (-1743)
      Thanks a lot for your support.
    • Sorry to hear about this.  If you want additional support, you can go to the following URL:
      Then scroll to the bottom and click Contact Us.  
      This script will simply move all the activation data to the desktop to allow you to try again.  
  • I'm having the same problem
    2 Posts | Last post May 16, 2019
    • I tried to activate my Office 365 and I used your script. I am still getting an error 'sorry can't activate please try later' I have reinstalled 3 times. I am running MacOS Mojave on a Macbook Pro 13 inch 2012
    • Sorry about the troubles you are having.  We do have support that you can contact.  Go to the following URL:
      Then scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Contact Us.  
  • Error reporting window with Office 2016 Mac install problem
    6 Posts | Last post April 30, 2019
    • I have an iMac running Sierra and have an enterprise Office 2016 Mac license which installed fine a couple of years ago. I problem surfaced a couple of weeks ago when launching Word when a window stating a 'daemon' program was opening it. It showed the daemon in a window so I deleted it, though by mistake I also deleted the Office auto-update entry. Word then has the 'missing cursor issue' and Apple forum suggested to remove/reinstall Office. I've tried several times and once installed, Word opens immediately followed by the error reporting window. After it reports, I click OK but none of the programs work. When they launch the only indicator in the task bar at the top is the name of the program but none of the View, Help or other menu items show up. Will this trouble shooter resolve the problem I'm having? 
    • This tool is removing the activation data and placing it on the desktop. Then you should be able to activate again fresh. I don’t think this tool will assist you.  I would love to see the details in the error report thought to get a hint at what may be wrong. 
    • James...thanks though if I'm understanding correctly, you're saying this tool won't solve my problem. I haven't installed Office BUT if you feel you could help, I can install it and see if I can get the error report. However, I don't see a way with this format to be able to share it. This is extremely frustrating since I need to use Word and Power Point. I've followed all the removal advice, search the Library for anything Microsoft and move to the trash. After 3 or 4 attempts at installing again, none of them work. I've scanned for Malware and also used a third party software uninstaller. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. You can reach me directly at jontalk at yahoo. 
    • Researching this further, since I've removed all the files I can find, if I purchase the Office 365 download, do you think it would work? Thanks James. 
    • James..thought I'd let you know I purchased an Office 365 license and installed it without any problems. Obviously the problem was with the enterprise installation which I've deleted.
    • jontalk, 
      Thanks for following up.  Glad it is working for you.
  • Word
    4 Posts | Last post April 20, 2019
    • Hi
      I have tried everything!! to get activated on word. after I put my email in it just spins and spins saying loading but nothing happens. I have deleted out of my keychain and ran the script but still the same. 
      any advise?
    • Chloe,
      Sorry to hear it isn’t working for you.  Have yo uattempted to update MacOS to the latest?  Do you have Office?  Maybe try to attempt to activate from another app?  
      Also you can visit and there is a Contact Us at the bottom. 
    • I had the spinning wheel, contacted support, an agent removed Office 365 then some files in /Library/Containers and installed Office 2016, sign-in worked straight away. It's an issue with the version your OS, Office365 seems to need Mojave, I have Sierra and cannot upgrade.
    • Hello Litbrit!
      You can run 16.xx builds of Office.  See the matrix of versions and releases here:
      You can read about that here:
      There is some confusion out there, and hope this helps.
  • Neither reinstall nor this fix help install Office 2016 on my Mac
    3 Posts | Last post April 20, 2019
    • I downloaded a one-year license of Office 2016 for Student and ?? and have tried every which way to get it installed, but without success.   The activation accepts my userid, but hang-up after that.  I never get to the password entering screen.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled four or five times.  I've followed all the help that I can find.  I am running OS 10.11.6 El Capitan on a 2009 Macbook Pro.  According to the MS web site, the version of Office I've downloaded should work with my OS and hardware configuration.  Any suggestions not found here?  I am fairly computer literate.  TIA
    • You should read this:
      I believe you can only run the 16.16.7 version, not the latest version.  
    • To find that specific version and where to download, check out our published matrix of releases here:
      look for the 16.16.7 version in that list and you can download the suite from there.  
  • This Worked - Thanks a Million!
    2 Posts | Last post April 20, 2019
    • Hi, James
      I have been working with my university's IT department for a week without success. I ran the Apple Script you provided and Viola - success! Thanks again for your help!
    • Excellent!  Glad this worked for you!
  • Stop If You Are Using OneNote Already
    3 Posts | Last post April 10, 2019
    • For those who find this page via the "What to try if you can't install or activate Office for Mac" Microsoft support page... Before you try anything suggested, please note the following:  If you've been using OneNote free and are trying to just activate Office, the steps suggested will log you out of OneNote and you will have the exact same problem trying to log back into it again.  Subscribing to Office 365 now is an absolute NIGHTMARE on the Mac.  Just a year ago it was super easy, now it's impossible, even with a Level 2 tech trying to help you.
    • I wanted to follow up that shortly after posting this I figured out what to do.  Version 16 clearly has activation issues.  Go to the following Microsoft Support page and download one of the individual applications.  I personally chose PowerPoint because I never use it and don't care if it's updated.  I then installed it, entered my email address at activation and a few seconds later it was activated, no issues at all.  After that, all the version 16 applications were immediately activated upon opening... I didn't have to do anything.  I hope this helps others with this ridiculous issue.    Link:
    • TheTSArt, glad you got it working.  
  • Still Doesn't Work
    6 Posts | Last post March 28, 2019
    • I am able to get to the dialogue box to enter my email address, but then I just get a "Loading" message with a spinning icon that does not go away.
    • I have the same problem. My God - all this MS crap is so insanely complex.... Look at all the links, and tags, and scripts... Driving me crazy. Why can't you simply make something that works?
    • We have had some reports of activation failures.  I have updated this script to move out additional files in an attempt to reset the activation.  If you are still having issues, please use "Contact Support" to open a help incident as we are tracking this activation issue.
    • Also getting the spinning icon after entering email; have tried all recommended actions. Script is downloaded and gave permission for security exception, but it still won't run.
    • Hello ktmcb, 
      If you downloaded the .zip file, you man need to right click or ctrl+click on the application and choose to open it.  That will allow you to run it.  
    • I too have the spinning disk, on a mac desktop and a macbook air, I'm very handy with the terminal and quite happy to try anything,  but really, to get a spinning disc with no error message is just ridiculous. (works on a windows machine and an iphone).
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