Azure AD Connect Network and Name Resolution Prerequistes Test

UPDATE: This script has been moved to  All future updates will be posted there.If you are uncertain about your server's ability to connect to Office 365 for the purposes of deploying Azure AD Connect or to

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  • Checking Network Timeout & disabling automatic installation
    2 Posts | Last post May 29, 2018
    • Thanks for this script. It is just what I needed for testing network connectivity.
      a couple of suggestions.
      1. Can you include a test to check idle timeout ?
      I had a scenario where the timeout is less then 2 minutes & AADC fails. took me sometime to figure out why the network was failing.
      2. Currently if the script is executed without any switches, it will download and install the "Microsoft Online Service Module" without any prompt. This can be un-expected for the user.
      would be great if the script does not install it un-attended. installation should happen only if a switch is specified. e.g. -forceinstallmosm
    • Unfortunately, the script uses the Test-NetConnection cmdlet, which doesn't have a capability to set the timeout.
      MSOnline module is required for AAD Connect to install anyway, but I'll go ahead and make a note of it.
  • Auto update of IP and URLs
    2 Posts | Last post February 15, 2018
    • First of all, thank you for script. Just tested it, works smoothly. Please confirm, if the script can update any newly introduced Office 365 IP address or not?
      the following log shows :
      2018-02-15 08:49:32] [INFO] Starting Online Endpoints tests (Commercial/GCC).
      [2018-02-15 08:49:32] [INFO] See
      so if there is a new endpoint or IP address in the article, will that be tested as well with the same script?
    • THanks!
      Yes.  I will maintain it as long as people find the tool useful.  I work with the PG that maintains AAD Connect, consultants that are deploying it in the field, and the individuals that maintain the URL and IP address list, so I frequently get updates and changes (as you can see from the recent change log).
      As for the service addresses for the URLs, every time the tool runs, it performs a Resolve-DnsName against the URLs I've included, so it will test whatever our public DNS returns.