PowerShell script to automate Enabling Azure Hybrid Use Benefit on All Windows VMs in All Subscriptions. The default mode for the script is "Simulate Mode", where no changes are made and Log and CSV Export files are generated, this shows "What changes the script would make" if you run it in Update Mode (-SimulateMode $False as script paramerter).

It is your own responsibility to make sure you / your organisation hold the required "Windows Server with Software Assurance" licences to enable Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. 


    Version:    1.1.0
    Created:    20/11/2017
    Updated:   16/10/2018
Update History:

1.1.0 - 16th October 2018 - Updated script to provide better error handling for VMs that are not compatible with Azure HUB.

1.0.2 - 7th March 2018 - First version published on TechNet Gallery





AzureRM Module v3.2 or above 


#Install the Azure Resource Manager modules from the PowerShell Gallery 
Install-Module -Name AzureRM

#Or if already installed, Update the Azure Resource Manager modules from the PowerShell Gallery  Update-Module -Name AzureRM

 Syntax Examples:


# Simulate  Mode: 


# Update Mode, Process All Subscriptions (shows a prompt to confirm enabling HUB per subscription):
.\azure-enable-hybrid-use-on-all-vms.ps1 -SimulateMode $False


# Update Mode, Single Subscription : .\azure-enable-hybrid-use-on-all-vms.ps1 -SimulateMode $False -SubscriptionName "My Subscription Name"


# Update Mode, Process All Subscriptions, Unique CSV File Names and Specify Export Folder Path: .\azure-enable-hybrid-use-on-all-vms.ps1 -SimulateMode $False -CSVUniqueFileNames -OutputFolderPath "C:\CSVExportFolder"


Additional Information: