Check server time for all servers in SharePoint 2010 farm

A PowerShell script that will check all of the server times for all servers in the SharePoint 2010 farm. This will enable system administrators to quickly check that all server times in the farm are in sync, for Project Server this is very important to avoid sleeping jobs.

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  • Why the text file
    3 Posts | Last post May 02, 2012
    • Simple question? Why would you first put the servers in a text file?
    • Hi there, 
      There is no requirement to put the servers into the text file, you could just pass the servers straight into the $servers variable as below:
      $servers = (Get-SPServer) | foreach {$_.Address}
      and remove the next line. This was just left in the script from testing, either way works fine.
    • I have now removed the usage of the text file to make the script cleaner.