ConfigMgr Build Numbers mapped with Build Release Names and Update types

Ever got confused on to know which build numbers belong Build release? No need to search as the answers are right there with you. Here is T-SQL script to provide you with the necessary details which include BUILD VERSION, BUILD NAME, CLIENT VERSION, DOC INFO and RELEASE DATE. F

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  • Tweak for reports
    1 Posts | Last post February 22, 2019
    • Not a question, more of a comment.  Thanks for this!  One thing I did change is in the 'DOC INFO' instead of 
      When UpdateType=2 then 'KB'+SUBSTRING(MoreInfoLink,LEN(MoreInfoLink)-6,7)
      I used this
      When UpdateType=2 then ''+SUBSTRING(MoreInfoLink,LEN(MoreInfoLink)-6,7)
      The reason is that because then in reports, I can set that particular value's action to be a "go to url" link. Anyone running the report can click on the doc info from SSRS.