Configure-PerformanceMonitor Cmdlet for PAL v2.3.2

This Configure-PerformanceMonitor Cmdlet allows the administrator to configure performance counters on performance monitor locally on machine situated in DMZ or remotely using WinRM service on remote machine. The cmdlet provides administrator the ability to select multiple diff

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Operating System
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  • cant get it to run
    1 Posts | Last post December 03, 2014
    • Hi Ryen
      Thanks a lot for sharing your work!
      Unfortunately it doesnt generate a datacollection set.
      For example i run  .\Configure-PerformanceMonitor.ps1 -Quick and there's no user defined datacollection set under perfmon.
      Sorry, for this noob question, but i would be really happy to get this up and running.
      Would appreciate your help, thank you.
  • Windows 8
    1 Posts | Last post November 09, 2012
    • Works on windows 8 but unfortunately, can't use the AutoStartup param.  This path doesn't exist on my 8 pro:  $LogmanStartupScriptPath = "C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts\Startup\StartupPerfmon.bat"
  • Nice Script.
    2 Posts | Last post September 03, 2012
    • thanks for sharing this with us .
    • You are welcome. Please give it a rating to assess how nice it is. If it is popular, I will update new counters for the next PAL version after PAL v2.3.2. Thank you. Cheers.