Have you ever wanted to boot to WinPE in Azure and select an MDT Task Sequence?  This script resource automates an automation framework to build and upload a custom VHD that allows for interacting with pre-boot environments in Azure.

Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (WADK) for Windows 10, Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 10, and Azure & Hyper-V PowerShell modules, an administrator can successfully configure a custom VHD image that will boot to WinPE in an Azure VM to allow for MDT deployment options selection while still in the pre-boot environment.  A VM deployed in Azure using this customized VHD allows for remote interaction with the WinPE console using DaRT to select deployment options.

This script requires the Hyper-V and AzureRM modules, MDT snapin, and elevated permissions.  The script begins by mounting an MDT deployment share as a PowerShell drive and updating the MDT media contents folder.  Next, the VHD is created and configured with two partitions - one each for WinPE and the OS.  The script then copies the MDT Media contents into the WinPE partition and uploads it to an Azure storage service.


This is a single script resource used as part of a Cloud OSD process.

#requires -runasadministrator 
#requires -modules Hyper-V, AzureRM 
        Uploads a custom VHD containing WinPE and OSDisk partitions to a blob service in Azure. 
        A switch that will delete an existing VHD. 
    .PARAMETER LocalVhdPath 
        Path to the VHD on the local workstation. 
    .PARAMETER SubscriptionId 
        Azure Subscription ID to connect. 
    .PARAMETER StorageAccountName 
        Name of the Azure storage account to connect. 
    .PARAMETER VhdPath 
        Desired path of the VHD on the Azure blob service. 
    .PARAMETER VhdSize 
        Size of the fixed VHD. 
    .PARAMETER WinPePartitionSize 
        Size of the WinPE partition on the VHD. 
    .PARAMETER WinPeFsLabel 
        Drive label for the WinPE partition. 
    .PARAMETER MdtDrive 
        Label of the MDT drive to mount.  Requires the MDT snapin. 
    .PARAMETER DeploymentShare 
        Path to the local MDT Deployment Share 
    .PARAMETER MediaName 
        Name of the MDT Media that contains the appropriate Deployment Share contents. 
    .PARAMETER CreateLocalCopy 
        Switch that will create a local copy of the VHD before uploading to Azure. 
        This switch is useful when testing locally to ensure the integrity of the VHD being uploaded. 
        .\Upload-ArmCustomVhd.ps1 -RemoveVHD -LocalVhdPath "C:\VHDs\winpetesting.vhd" -SubscriptionId "65213276-e312-4beb-9ee5-aa0b5196e748" ` 
        -StorageAccountName "imgpoc9159" -VhdPath "vhds/winpe-final.vhd" -VhdSize 21GB -WinPePartitionSize 7GB -WinPeFsLabel "winPE" ` 
        -MdtDrive "DS001" -DeploymentShare "C:\DeploymentShare" -MediaName "Media001" -CreateLocalCopy 
    $RemoveVHD = $true, 
Import-Module -Name Hyper-Add-PSSnapin -Name Microsoft.BDD.PSSnapIn 
#Check for MDT Drive and mount if not 
if (!(Test-Path "$($MdtDrive):")) 
    New-PSDrive -Name $MdtDrive -PSProvider MDTProvider -Root $DeploymentShare 
#region mount VHD and copy MDT media to WinPE partition 
#region remove VHD if exists then create VHD 
if ($RemoveVHD) 
    if (Test-Path $LocalVhdPath) 
        Dismount-DiskImage $LocalVhdPath -ErrorAction Ignore 
        Remove-Item $LocalVhdPath -Confirm 
    New-VHD -Path $LocalVhdPath -SizeBytes $VhdSize -Fixed 
    Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath $LocalVhdPath 
    $mountedDisk = Get-DiskImage -ImagePath $LocalVhdPath 
    Initialize-Disk -Number $mountedDisk.Number -PartitionStyle MBR 
    New-Partition -DiskNumber $mountedDisk.Number -Size $WinPePartitionSize -AssignDriveLetter -IsActive | Format-Volume -FileSystem NTFS -NewFileSystemLabel $WinPeFsLabel -confirm:$false 
    New-Partition -DiskNumber $mountedDisk.Number -UseMaximumSize | Format-Volume -FileSystem NTFS -NewFileSystemLabel "OSDisk" -confirm:$false 
#region Mount and update VHD with MDT Media 
Write-Output "Updating MDT Media" 
$mdtMediaPath = "$($MdtDrive):\Media\$MediaName" 
Update-MDTMedia -Path $mdtMediaPath 
Mount-DiskImage $LocalVhdPath -ErrorAction Ignore 
$mountedDisk = Get-DiskImage -ImagePath $LocalVhdPath 
$winPePartition = Get-Volume -FileSystemLabel $WinPeFsLabel 
$driveLetter = $winPePartition.DriveLetter 
$tsMediaContentPath = "C:\Media\Content" 
Write-Output "Copying updated content to VHD" 
Copy-Item $tsMediaContentPath\* "$($driveLetter):\" -Recurse -Force 
Dismount-DiskImage $LocalVhdPath 
#region Create a copy to confirm successful deployment locally 
if ($CreateLocalCopy) 
    Write-Output "Copying VHD" 
    Copy-Item $LocalVhdPath $LocalVhdPath.Replace("winpetesting.vhd","winpetestingcopy.vhd") 
if (!($login)) 
    $login = Login-AzureRmAccount -SubscriptionId $SubscriptionId 
    $storageAccount = Get-AzureRmStorageAccount | Where-Object StorageAccountName -EQ $StorageAccountName 
    $resourceGroupName = $storageAccount.ResourceGroupName 
Add-AzureRmVhd -Destination "https://$StorageAccountName.blob.core.windows.net/$VhdPath" -LocalFilePath $LocalVhdPath -ResourceGroupName $resourceGroupName -OverWrite