Create Real Fake Names

This script contains four functions that will create Fake Real Names for lab envorionments like Active Directory,Instead of having 1 or 10 000 users named Users0001, Users0002, these functions can fix users with real names and from that create accounts that looks like real ones w

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  • Functionality for using CSV as input for names
    3 Posts | Last post March 26, 2016
    • As many of my test environments are not internet connected it would be nice to be able to use a csv / plain text file as input for first and last name generation. Is that something you plan to implement in the future?
    • It's allready there.
      Use the import functions first on a internet connected computer.
      Take the gNames[country] and sNames[Country] files copy them to the test environment and then run the Get-GivenName and Get-SurName functions from a script in the  same folder as the name files.
    • You can read more about the functions here,