For Azure Resource Manager usage only (classic version here). Use this script to customize your PowerShell profile. It will enable you to display what Azure subscription is currently selected when you start a new PowerShell session. It can save you the shame of having to explain why you deleted VMs from a production subscription because you thought you where still in that development subscription ;)


If you already have custom logic in your PowerShell profile, simply append the content of this script to it. If you don't have any PS profile yet, simply save & rename this file as:

%UserProfile%\My Documents\WindowsPowerShell\profile.ps1



2019-03-14 - Added support for both Az & AzureRM cmdlets



VERBOSE: Using Azure PowerShell Az.Accounts v1.3.1 
VERBOSE: Actually targeting Azure subscription: mycompany-dev - 53174c59-2689-4cf7-82c0-c9dcb4732bd9.




Tested with Az.Accounts Version 1.x

Tested with AzureRM.Profile Version 5.x & 6.x