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This script creates a SQL Server AlwaysOn availability group in a hybrid IT environment (a virtual network in Windows Azure with a site-to-site VPN with your on-premise network) end-to-end, including the following steps:

This script uses two other scripts on TechNet Script Center (included in the .ZIP file):

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Input to the script is specified via DeploymentConfig.xml in the Config\ folder. You must change the configuration parameters in DeploymentConfig.xml to reflect your Windows Azure subscription and your on-premise configuration. Pay attention to the following:

Then, run the following:


cd <ScriptFolder>  
Unblock-File *  
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force  


You want to deploy the data tier of your application end-to-end using SQL Server databases in a high availability configuration on-premise, but you also want a disaster recovery solution in Windows Azure. The application tier can be added on to the deployed architecture, and clients can connect to the databases from either within Windows Azure or the public Internet.


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