BizTalk Rules Engine Policy/Vocabulary Deployment Tool v0.0.0.0 
Import and publish BizTalk Policy/Vocabulary to the database from a file, and/or deploy & undeploy policy. 
Usage: DeployBTRules.exe [@argfile] [/ruleSetFile:<ruleSetFile>] 
       [/ruleSetName:<ruleSetName>] [/vocabularyName:<vocabularyName>] 
       [/undeploy[+|-]] [/unpublish[+|-]] [/ruleSetVersion:<ruleSetVersion>] 
       [/help|?|h] [/version|v] 
@argfile                          Read arguments from a file. 
/ruleSetFile <ruleSetFile>        Policy or Vocabulary File. 
/ruleSetName <ruleSetName>        Rule set name to operate on, if file contains 
/vocabularyName <vocabularyName>  Vocabulary name to operate on, if file 
                                  contains vocabularies. 
/undeploy[+|-]                    Undeploy the policy (default is to deploy) 
/unpublish[+|-]                   Unpublish the policy (default is to publish, 
                                  implies undeploy) 
/ruleSetVersion <ruleSetVersion>  Rule set version to operate on. 
/help                             Show usage. 
/version                          Show version.

This is a modified version of the rules deployment tool DeployBTRules that comes with the BizTalk Deployment Framework (BTDF). This version removes all references to BizTalk assemblies so there is now only a single dependency on the Microsoft.RuleEngine.dll assembly. It also allows for the use of a SQL Server connection to deploy and undeploy policies and vocabularies.