Driver Automation Tool - Automate Driver Downloads & Packaging for SCCM/MDT

The script generates a PowerShell GUI to automate the processes of downloading, extracting and importing driver packages for Dell, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft systems.

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  • All HP models seclected
    3 Posts | Last post 2:50 AM
    • When I have 'select known models yes' every model is selected. Is there something inside console that I have to change/set? I do not have every known hp model in my environment. 
    • I had the same problem.
      what i did was to do the config "manually" instead.
      In the "DATSettings.xml"
      	<DeploymentPlatform>ConfigMgr - Standard Pkg</DeploymentPlatform>
      	<OperatingSystem>Windows 10 1809</OperatingSystem>
      	<Architecture>64 bit</Architecture>
      and then as an example, i've got this under 
      	<ModelSelected> Elite x2 1012 G2 Tablet</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 745 G3 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 745 G5 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 750 G1 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 820 G1 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 820 G2 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 820 G3 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 820 G4 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 830 G5 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 836 G5 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 840 G1 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
      	<ModelSelected> EliteBook 850 G3 Notebook PC</ModelSelected>
    • Thanks for the tip. I'll do that for now. It works just fine in my dev environment
  • Drivers importing as "Package" and not "Driver Package"
    2 Posts | Last post 1:08 AM
    • Hi, Just installed the latest version and when i import drivers they are being added to SCCM as packages vs Driver Packages. Is this the intended process?
    • Line 12400
      # Create Driver Package
      							New-CMPackage -Name "$CMPackage" -path "$DriverPackageDest" -Manufacturer $Manufacturer -Description "$PackageDescription" -Version $DriverRevision
      vs New-CMDriverPackage
  • Dell drivers?
    3 Posts | Last post Wed 11:21 PM
    • All of a sudden, I am not longer able to load any Dell models from XML. HP, Lenovo, and Surface models load fine. Anyone else encounter this?
    • Nevermind, I have fixed it.
    • hey i was having the same problem and was wondering what you did to fix it.
  • Download Only option creates BIOS packages in SCCM
    1 Posts | Last post Mon 9:51 AM
    • I've noticed with the last few releases that even though I select the download only option, the tool detects my configuration manager client settings and still goes off to SCCM and creates all the BIOS packages.
  • Deploying packages from within SCCM
    1 Posts | Last post August 14, 2019
    • I have the DAT setup and looks to be working. Web service working and connecting to my SCCM server. I've configured everything per the instructions. My question is, am I able to deploy the BIOS packages from within SCCM. Currently when I try to deploy from within SCCM the Software and Collection fields are empty. Or do I have to use the tool/PS1 within a TaskSequence, only?
  • Cleanup not working for Dell packages
    1 Posts | Last post August 09, 2019
    • This tool is awesome. I noticed an issue when updating drivers, using 6.3.1, not sure if it worked before or not.
      Deployment Platform = ConfigMgr - Standard Pkg
      OS = Windows 10 64 bit
      Driver Cleanup = Everything checked
      Check Dell Precision 5820 Tower
      Download and Import works correctly
      Package folder still contains the old Driver folders and files (i.e. A06 and A07)
      SCCM is updated correctly and only has one package with A07
      No big deal as I can manually clean up old drivers, but thought I would report it.
  • Microsoft Devices
    1 Posts | Last post August 08, 2019
    • Hi Maurice,
      6.3.1 seems to have brought in a lot of bugs with the Surface Devices if you choose the all button then the firmware ends up overwriting the driver packages for some models, for others liek the surface laptop 2 it does not see the firmware because the folder is called system now not firmware, if you choose just BIOS then it ends up with firmware/firmware folders, also the SKUs for some of the models are wrong like the Surface Laptop 2, given that the firmware is handled like drivers for the Surface Laptops, would it not be better to revert it to the 6.2.0 methods of one driver packge for both drivers and firmware?
      If you need somebody to test let me know :)
  • Access is denied
    2 Posts | Last post August 07, 2019
    • I tried searching through the Q&A and see several people getting the Access is denied error when trying to download Lenovo drivers but not seeing a solution.  Has anyone figured this out?  I'm on Server 2019 1809
    • I can manually run a start-bitstransfer manually and download a lenovo driver from this sever.  Not sure which part it is saying Access Denied to.  I'm using this with MDT and Dell worked fine.  H
  • Download HP Software Catalouge
    1 Posts | Last post August 06, 2019
    • In the Version 6.3.1 the Download from the HP Driver Catalogue doesn't work. Has anyone the same issue?
      I select a Software Package like HP HotKey Support and the tool doesn't download the Software.
  • Heads up, the Dell Flash64W utility was updated to v3.3.0
    4 Posts | Last post August 06, 2019
    • Just a friendly heads up to everyone that Dell has updated the Flash64W utility to V3.3.0.  The new version is required for some new Dell models.  Using the version the DAT script currently downloads will simply not update the bios.  Unfortunately it doesn't cause the script/TS to fail out either so it wasn't obvious why my 5300 bios wasn't updating.  I have not tested our older models yet, but looking at the compatibility list, the new version appears to be backwards compatible with most Dell models released in the past 4-5 years.  
      To update our environment I changed the link in line 10440 of the script. I also deleted the 'Flash64Utility' folder on my SCCM server since the script does check for the presence of the utility, and skips the download if it already exists.  Manually replacing the Utility already present in that folder with the new version may work as well since the script copies the utility from this location into new bios packages it creates.
      URL to the Utility page v3.3.0:
      Direct link to the v3.3.0 zip file:
    • I followed your instructions to replace the URL on line 10440. Where is the path the Flash64Utility needs to be deleted?
    • I found it. Thanks for the update. 
    • Glad you found it Nathan!  To clarify for others, the location is relative to whatever you set the "Package Path" to in the Common Settings --> ConfigMrg Site Server / Storage locations section.  For example if I set this to \\ServerName\ShareName\Folder1 the script will create \\ServerName\ShareName\folder1\Dell\Flash64Utility where it will download and store the Flash64.exe utility for use when creating new packages.
      I have also confirmed that the utility works on all of our older models going back as far as the E6540.   
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