Driver Automation Tool - Automate Driver Downloads & Packaging for SCCM/MDT

The script generates a PowerShell GUI to automate the processes of downloading, extracting and importing driver packages for Dell, Lenovo, HP and Microsoft systems.

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  • No Driver and BIOS packages detected
    2 Posts | Last post 12:38 AM
    • I've been using this tool for over 1 year and updated to v6.4.1 without any issues. This morning, SCCM OSD builds have started failing due to no driver packages being detected. I can confirm this within the ConfigMgr Web Services Diags tab, the counts are zero for both driver and bios package counts. I updated the webservice version from 1.6.0 to 1.8.0 and this has not fixed the problem. I have uninstalled the webservice components and deleted the C:\inetpub\ConfigMgr WebService folder and reinstalled it. Again no packages detected. The webservice url and secret keys are correct and I get a 200 status code and OK in the description field. I can also navigate to the webservice url from multiple machines.
      Any idea why the BIOS and Driver packages are not detected (I have tried deleting and re-downloading a HP BIOS package).
      Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    • It was a permissions problem. The service account was deleted from AD! Changed account details and the correct number of BIOS and Driver packages are being reported.
  • Trying to use Custom Package Creation
    2 Posts | Last post 12:38 AM
    • Hi,
      I'd like to know if this option can work on a french OS ?
      When I try it on a computer with my domain admin account, I get the following error (translated from french display) :
      The following exception occurred in the DataGridView :
      System.ArgumentException: The value DataGridViewComboBoxCell is not valid.
      To replace this default diablog box, deal with (or handle ?) the DataError event.
      Each time I click on a cell, I get the error above.
      It doesn't prevent it from working in the end but I don't know what consequence it has.
    • It was a permissions problem. The service account was deleted from AD! Changed account details and the correct number of BIOS and Driver packages are being reported.
  • Schedule ConfigMgr Standard Pkg
    1 Posts | Last post Thu 10:48 PM
    • Is anyone able to run the drivers download through a Task Scheduler?
      I tried through a task with System account with the command line:
      PowerShell.exe -NoLogo -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File "D:\Program Files\DriverAutomationTool\DriverAutomationTool.ps1" -NoXMLOutput true  -RunSilent true
      But it doesn't work.
      It works if I run the task with a user account and with the option "Run only when user is logged on".
  • Models disappearing
    1 Posts | Last post Wed 5:09 PM
    • Since a couple of weeks whenever I start the application, there no known models showing up, if I unistall and delete the program folder, then reinstall and reconfigure the known models show up.
      After a week I need to do that all over again
  • BIOS Update
    1 Posts | Last post Tue 12:38 AM
    • Thanks for this tool. Amazingly helpful! I did run into an issue, hopefully my error or easy fix. Doing HP BIOS updates the script runs, pulls down the correct BIOS and restarts but the computer prompts for the BIOS password even though I have the Password.bin file in the same directory as the script. Here is my 'Run Powershell' step:
      -Path %OSDBIOSPackage01% -PasswordBin "Password.bin"
  • Specifying a driver package
    1 Posts | Last post Sat 3:53 AM
    • Hi,
      Thanks for your tool, it's really helpful.
      I'd like to know if I can provide a driver package that's not available in the list of models returned by the soft.
      I need the T450 SCCM driver package for Windows 7 x86 available here : (full patch to package)
      It's not listed in the software in the list of Lenovo models.
      Is there a way to specify the location of the exe I've downloaded and let Driver Automation Tool take care of the expand / package creation ?
  • Problems downloading Lenovo drivers for W10 1809
    2 Posts | Last post Sat 2:12 AM
    • Hi all,
      first port. so go easy.
      I don't know if others are seeing this issue or not.  I was trying to have the driver automation tool download Lenovo drivers for Windows 10 1809 for all my models.  on a few models (X1 Gen 5,6 and X1 Yoga 2nd gen) I noticed the drivers for 1803, 1703 and others were being downloaded and SCCM package created.
      After a lot of searching, troubleshooting and going through the XML pages the tools use.  I noticed the issue.
      Lenovo names the EXE's the following tp_x1carbon_mt20kg-20kh_w1064_1703_201809 - as you can see from the date stamp on the exe. 1809 is there and a search within the tool would choose that over the actual 1809 driver pack. 
      one suggestion to change the search string to *_####_* instead. may have better returns. 
      hope this helps.
    • I noticed the same thing
  • GitHub Invoke-CMDownloadBIOSPackage.ps1
    1 Posts | Last post December 06, 2019
    • Hi,
      Is it just me not following something or is the Invoke-CMDownloadBIOSPackage.ps1 show to be the same as the driver script? The side note also shows the Invoke-CMApplyDriverPackage.ps1. Or did I just miss a change in the process?
  • Lenovo Driver issue
    8 Posts | Last post December 06, 2019
    • For a while I have had troubles downloading Lenovo drivers. Today I updated to version 6.4.0, hoping the issue would be resolved, but still the same. It doesn't download anything. It just creates to empty folder in my download folder ('Driver Cab' and 'Windows10-x64-'). The last folder seems to be missing some numbers???
      As can be seen in the log, the extract fails. I do not have any troubles with Dell or Surface (after the 6.4.0 update).
      ======== DRIVER EXTRACT ISSUE DETECTED ========
      ConfigMgr: Issues occurred while reading extracted drivers
      ConfigMgr: Driver count in path \\server\share\Download\Lenovo\ThinkPad P53\Windows10-x64-  - 0 
      ======== Lenovo ConfigMgr ThinkPad P53 DRIVER PROCESSING FINISHED ========
      As Lenovo is out primary model in our company, any help is appreciated :)
    • The following selections are made:
      Deployment Platform: ConfigMgr - Standard Pkg
      Download Type: All
      Operating System: Windows 10
      Architecture: 64 bit
      Known models: Yes
    • We are having the exact same problem when trying to create Standard packages for Lenovo devices.
      ======== DRIVER EXTRACT ISSUE DETECTED ========
      ConfigMgr: Issues occurred while reading extracted drivers
      ConfigMgr: Driver count in path \\server\share\03_Drivers\MDM\D\Lenovo\ThinkPad X390\Windows10-x64-  - 0 
      ======== Lenovo ConfigMgr ThinkPad X390 DRIVER PROCESSING FINISHED ========
      It seems to not be able to reach the correct driver url anymore..
    • I am experiencing the same problem.
      One thing that can see is that Lenovo changes the url to local country in my case nb-NO, could that be an issue with the tool.
      The tool states url is, when browse to the url manually it changes the url to I don’t think Lenovo used to do this before. Cold that maybe “confuse the tool”?
      Thanks for all the Great work and effort you do Maurice, it's much appreciated.
    • Just updated to version 6.4.1, but still having troubles downloading.
      Then added 'https://*' to trusted sites in internet options, and then it worked for me :)
    • Seemed to be a one time experience. It now stopped working again.
      ========= Error(s) Occured ========
      Error: Unable to find driver for Lenovo ThinkPad A285
    • After updating to 6.4.1, everything is working as expected again! Thank you Maurice for the quick response!
    • Did you do anything, other than updating? I still cannot download Lenovo drivers. Dell and Microsoft works just fine.
      I've added https://* to trusted sites and security level for this zone is set to low.
  • Cleanup deletes too many Drivers
    3 Posts | Last post December 06, 2019
    • Hi,
      I´ve just upgraded to 6.4.0 and found the folowing Issue.
      This is affecting the following 4 Devices (maybe more, but not owning all Models from Dell):
      Optiplex 9020
      Optiplex 9020M
      Dell Latitude 7400
      Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1
      When using all Cleanup Options, only 1 Driver Package will remain in SCCM.
      First Run: 
      Optiplex 9020M will remain, Package for Optiplex 9020 will be removed.
      Latitude 7400 2-in-1 will remain, package for Latitude 7400 will be removed.
      Re-Running the Tool:
      Optiplex 9020 will be added, Package for Optiplex 9020M will be removed.
      Latitude 7400 will be added, package for Latitude 7400 2-in-1 will be removed.
      I´ve manually added the missing 2 for now, but i think they will be removed/replaced with the next run.
    • I'm assuming this is the superseded package option you are running. I think I can see the reason, let me sort that out and post an update.
    • I'm seeing this to be an issue for all references of the OptiPlex 9020 (9020, 9020M, 9020 AIO). It will only keep one and delete the other ones stating that they are superseded. Please post what you figure out :D 
      Thanks for all your work on this
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