Encrypt Password and use it in Powershell Script

Hi Readers,Today I am sharing a way to encrypt the password & using it in powershell scripts.I have used this way a few times now.Attaching the code & example on how to use it..extract the zip file --> just run the batch file after that..Enter the password that you want to encryp

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  • Thanks for the solution
    1 Posts | Last post August 03, 2018
    • Glad I came across this encryption script
  • Add -assecurestring parameter
    2 Posts | Last post August 24, 2017
    • Hello Sukhija.
      This is more a suggestion than a question: Add the parameter -assecurestring to the Read-Host Cmdlet
    • I just noticed the script writes a message with the password right after receiving it, which makes the -assecurestring parameter senseless. Perhaps having a version for paranoids?
  • Why have it complicated.
    4 Posts | Last post November 10, 2015
    • Hi Sukhija.
      Any reason why you do not use code like 
      $Creds = Get-credentials
      $Creds.Password | ConvertFrom-SecureString $secure | out-file .\securepassword.txt
      And when you need it you just
      $creds = Get-content .\Securepassword.txt | ConvertTo-Securestring
    • Oh please ignore the $Secure after Convertfrom-Securestring i forgot to remove it after copy/pasting your code.
    • Reason is I want to embed it in script & don't want any other text files in the path.
      You can use it the way you want.
    • If you are running from same system & same user id than you will be able to do it..
  • Can that encryption number be used in another script to modify?
    1 Posts | Last post November 06, 2015
    • Hi Sukhija,
      When i am using the random encryption number generated in the text file. Its just that i am not able to view the plain password string. But what if i use the same enrcyption number in another script to modify something. WIll i be able to do it? If its a domain admin or something, wont that be insecure enough? Let me know please.
  • Use credential to open RDP Session
    3 Posts | Last post July 05, 2014
    • Hi ! 
      Thanks a lot for your sharing.
      I'd like to use your code with this function =>
      Please could you help to accomplish it ?
    • I answer to myself:
      $credential = Get-Credential
    • Good to hear..