A few years ago I wrote an article named "Exchange Meeting Room Statistics" about a script to gather statistics regarding Exchange meeting room usage for MSExchange.org (now http://techgenix.com/). For this script to work, we have to give ourselves FullAccess to the meeting rooms’ mailbox, add them into our Outlook profile, and then use an Outlook COM Object to connect to Outlook and gather this information. Far from ideal, especially when trying to analyse dozens of rooms!

A couple of years after, I wrote a new version that uses Exchange Web Services to gather the same information, plus some further stats. However, this script wasn't very reliable with Exchange Online as it would work in some environments, but not in other.

I have finally written this newer version, specifically targeted at Exchange Online only, this time using Graph API!




The most basic way of running the script is as follows (more examples in the script itself):

.\Get-MeetingRoomStats_GraphAPI.ps1 -User nuno@domain.com -All -From "01/01/2020" -To "01/02/2020"


The script gathers and exports the following stats for each meeting room for the given date range: