GPO Backup Script

This script will check for GPO's modified in the last day and then only export the data if changes have been made.  This will keep the number of backups and files down to the minimun needed.This script will create GPO Reports to track changes and backup the GPO's so you can easil

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  • How can i restore a delete GPO/GPP?
    2 Posts | Last post October 11, 2018
    • I try to restore a delete GPO in a test environment, but i don't find the correct step.
    • This script is for backups.  To restore you can do the following steps
      Extract the zip file to a location for use
      open GPMC
      Right Click Group Policy Objects
      Select Manage Backups
      Change Folder to the extracted zip file location and select the folder for the GPO you wish to restore, with the browse button
      Select on the GPO and click restore