Get DSC Pull Client status - by querying database file directly.

This has been tested with PowerShell v5 (WMF 5.0) on the pull server and clients and using the Configuration Names method with DSC.

Ths machine running this script requires the Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable: (

The script opens a grid view window with the output - it can be easily changes to a text table (replace "out-GridView" with "Format-Table")



Function / Script: Get-DSCPullClientStatus 
Queries the database file used by the DSC Report Server when using ConfigurationNames (not ConfiguationIDs)  
Outputs a table of the nodes reporting to DSC and status information on their DSC Status,  
and which configurations are being applied to each server 
Requires the following installed on the machine running this script 
    Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable 
Author - Nick Eales 
Last Updated - 29th November 2016 
29th November 2016 - minor code readability improvements and added some error checking.