Get Mailbox and Archive Mailbox Size and Item Count: 


This scipt will get all Mailbox Name, Mailbox Size, and Item Count for both the Primary Mailbox and the Archive Mailbox for the entire tenant. 



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Author: Clint Oliveira 
Version 1.0  
-Initial Release  
-Thanks to all of the Script Center commenters for feedback!  
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #> 
Get-Mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Select-Object name,@{n="Primary Size";e={(Get-MailboxStatistics $_.identity).totalItemsize}}, 
@{n="Primary Item Count";e={(Get-MailboxStatistics $_.identity).ItemCount}},  
@{n="Archive Size";e={(Get-MailboxStatistics -archive $_.identity).TotalItemSize}}, 
@{n="Archive Item Count";e={(Get-MailboxStatistics -archive $_.identity).ItemCount}} | ft 


Here is a sample output: 


Best practices to keep your mailbox lean

If your email is stored on an email server such as Exchange, when your mailbox reaches its upper limit your administrator might start limiting functionality. For example, at 90 MB you might get a warning, at 100 MB you might be unable to send email, and at 110 MB you might be unable to receive email.

Here are some ways to keep your mailbox size under control:


Manage my mailbox size