Get Missing Updates with Powershell and MBSA

Use the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and Powershell to get a list of manageable missing updates on a Windows computer.

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Windows Update
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  • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2
    2 Posts | Last post August 20, 2019
    • Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2 is installed in the Program files location and not the Program Files (x86). I have a 64 bit system and I tried to install the x86 version of Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2 and it wouldn't let me. 
      How do I fix this, because you script that is using Get-32BitProgramFilesPath is looking in the wrong directory.    
    • then correct the directory location from the script itself!
  • Updated code has a bug
    1 Posts | Last post November 16, 2016
    • The Updated code outputs CLI text to 2 process and doesn't correctly output to PSCustomObject
  • MBSA needed on all machines
    1 Posts | Last post October 09, 2014
    • Hi Adam,
      Have you thought about or tried using MBSA remotely?
      In your way of working, MBSA has to be installed on all the machines, and with the hundreds of servers we have, that is a pain.