How to read the Changes Log for a SharePoint Online Site Collection

This script allows to read changes stored in the Changes Log of a SharePoint Online Site Collection. The script defines a function that uses the SharePoint Online Client Side Object model to get all the changes by using common objects such as ChangeQuery, ChangesCollection, Cha

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  • Can we get more info?
    2 Posts | Last post June 04, 2016
    • Nice work on the script Juan. Can we get more details like the file names, list or library URL, change type (add, delete, update), UPN of user making the changes in this?
    • Thank you!
      Yeap, it should be possible to have more detail in the information requested. I suggest to write a small .NET program (a console application) to get this detailed information and take advantage of the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio...bear also in mind Microsoft is going to provide an API that will provide this detailed information as they are doing know in the compliance center in Office 365