This script is for automatically updating, deploying or removing Java (JRE).

The default options at the top will both download and update JRE to the latest public release.  Changing the Download and ModifyJRE values can allow the script to run in specialized host/client mode. 

Script parameter examples:

As a server only downloading JRE install files to a shared network location:

JRE_Updater.vbs /Modify:0 /Logging:1 /FileStore:"\\Server\Share"

As a client updating JRE from the same network share:

JRE_Updater.vbs /Download:0 /Logging:1 /FileStore:"\\Server\Share"

Standalone system deploying new JRE:

JRE_Updater.vbs /x86:2 /x64:2 /Logging:1 

Standalone system forcing JRE removal:

JRE_Updater.vbs /Download:0 /x86:0 /x64:0 /Logging:1

Standalone deployment, passing JRE install location parameters:

JRE_Updater.vbs /x86:2 /x64:2 /Logging:1 /FileStore:"\\Server\Share" /switches32:"/s INSTALLDIR=D:\Program Files(x86)\Java\" /switches64:"/s INSTALLDIR=D:\Program Files\Java\"   

Some things to keep in mind:

The 2/13/16 update has introduced a lot of changes to allow command line parameters.  With that in mind I have not tested every parameter under every circumstance/environment.  The introduction of logging will hopefully assist in resolving any bugs that may be discovered, please use /logging:1 to enable.  Feel free to email or comment if you find any issues.

Currently the script does not distinguish between versions such as 6, 7, 8.  It will always update to the most recent version.

There has been interest shown in running the script as a scheduled task under the system user context.  Unfortunately, due to a longstanding bug in Java's installer.exe this will fail to install the x86 JRE on x64 systems.  I have removed support for running the script under the system user context until Oracle fixes the installer bug.

It is viable to deploy the script via group policy and/or scheduled tasks for both downloading hosts and updating clients but instruction for doing is not included in this documentation.

VB Script
'Updates and optionally deploys or removes Java Runtime  
'Last Update: 11/3/2016  
' Release info/Version notes @ 
'=================   Options   ==================================  
'Download=0 if this is a client that is 'not' downloading  
'ModifyJRE=0 if this is a host that is 'only' downloading  
'Location for downloaded files.  Example: FileStore="\\Server\SharedFolder\"  
'Leaving FileStore as "" uses the script's working directory  
exe32 = "JRE_32.exe" 
exe64 = "JRE_64.exe" 
'0 will remove JRE, 1 will update existing JRE,  2 will deploy and/or update JRE, 3 functions as option 1 but will also deploy missing JRE if opposite bitness is installed 
'Add any extra Java CLI switches  
'URL Updated for Java 8 Options  
'Example: switches="/s INSTALLDIR=D:\Program Files(x86)\Java\"  
switches32="/s " 
switches64="/s " 
'Log parameters, you set logging to 1 and/or comment out 'On Error Resume Next' 
logging = 0 
logdir = "" 
On Error Resume Next 
Set App = CreateObject("Shell.Application")  
Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")  
Set oShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")   
Set installer = CreateObject("WindowsInstaller.Installer"Set req = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0")  
Set objXMLHTTP = CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0")  
Set colNamedArguments = WScript.Arguments.Named 
Set objArgs = Wscript.Arguments 
'Parse parameters 
If colNamedArguments.Item("Download") <> "" Then Download = colNamedArguments.Item("Download"If colNamedArguments.Item("Modify") <> "" Then Modify = colNamedArguments.Item("Modify"If colNamedArguments.Item("FileStore") <> "" Then FileStore = colNamedArguments.Item("FileStore"If colNamedArguments.Item("x86") <> "" Then x86 = colNamedArguments.Item("x86"If colNamedArguments.Item("x64") <> "" Then x64 = colNamedArguments.Item("x64"If colNamedArguments.Item("switches32") <> "" Then switches32 = colNamedArguments.Item("switches32"If colNamedArguments.Item("switches64") <> "" Then switches64 = colNamedArguments.Item("switches64"If colNamedArguments.Item("logging") <> "" Then logging = colNamedArguments.Item("logging"If colNamedArguments.Item("logdir") <> "" Then logdir = colNamedArguments.Item("logdir"If colNamedArguments.Item("exe32") <> "" Then exe32 = colNamedArguments.Item("exe32"If colNamedArguments.Item("exe64") <> "" Then exe64 = colNamedArguments.Item("exe64") 
If oShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%") = "x86" Then x64=1 
areAdmin = false 
'If FileStore was not specified use the script's working directory 
If FileStore = "" Then FileStore = objFSO.GetParentFolderName(WScript.ScriptFullName) & "\"  
'Verify FileStore has trailing backslash 
If Mid(FileStore, Len(FileStore),1) <> "\" Then FileStore = FileStore & "\" 
file32 = FileStore & exe32 
file64 = FileStore & exe64 
'Do the same for logdir 
If logdir = "" AND logging = 1 Then logdir = FileStore 
If logging = 1 Then 
    If Mid(logdir, Len(logdir),1) <> "\" Then logdir = logdir & "\" 
End if 
ErrorLog = logdir & oShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%computername%") &  "_error.log"  
'The logging function 
Function LogIt(task, result) 
TimeStamp = now() 
If logging = 1 Then 
    'Verify LogDir Exists, if not, create it, failure to create folder will not be logged for obvious reasons 
    If Not objFSO.FolderExists(logdir) Then objFSO.CreateFolder(logdir) 
    If Err.Number <> 0 Then 
        objFSO.OpenTextFile(ErrorLog, 8True).WriteLine TimeStamp & " " & task & " ERROR " & Err.Description 
        objFSO.OpenTextFile(ErrorLog, 8True).WriteLine TimeStamp & " " & task & " SUCCESS " & result 
    End if 
End if 
End Function 
If Download = 1 Then 
    Call LogIt("Download_Check""Download set to 1, attempting to query Java and download latest bundle") 
    'Verify FileStore Exists, if not, create it     
    If Not objFSO.FolderExists(FileStore) Then  
        Call LogIt("Verify_FileStore", FileStore & " directory/share does not exist, attempting to create it...") 
        Call LogIt("Create_FileStore""Created FileStore: " & FileStore) 
    End if 
    DownloadLog = FileStore & "Download.log"  
    'Create the log that records the last download bundle ID  
    If Not objFSO.FileExists(DownloadLog) Then 
        Call LogIt("Verify_DownloadLog", DownloadLog & " does not exist, attempting to create it...") 
        header = "Current Java Bundle Log: "   
        objFSO.OpenTextFile(DownloadLog, 8True).WriteLine header 
        Call LogIt("Create_DownloadLog""Created DownloadLog: " & DownloadLog) 
    End if  
    Set openLog = objFSO.OpenTextFile(DownloadLog, 1True)  
    readLog = openLog.ReadAll  
    Call LogIt("Read_DownloadLog""") 
    'Query "GET"""False  
    req.setRequestHeader "User-Agent""Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64)"  
    Call LogIt("Sending_Request""") 
    'Parse query response  
    Call parseCheck(" Offline", file32, bundle32)  
    Call parseCheck(" (64-bit)", file64, bundle64) 
    Call LogIt("Download_Check""Download not set to 1, skipping query/download stage"End If  
Function parseCheck(str, str2, bndl)  
    strArr = split(req.responseText, "Download Java software for Windows" & str)  
    strArr2 = split(strArr(1), Chr(34))   
    bndl = strArr2(2)  
    Call LogIt("Parse_Response""BundleURL=" & bndl) 
    If instr(readLog, bndl) = false Then 
        Call LogIt("Verify_URL""Bundle URL not found in Download.log, adding to log, attempting download...") 
        objFSO.OpenTextFile(DownloadLog, 8True).WriteLine Date & "|" & bndl  
        'Our bundle is out-of-date, download latest  
        Call getBundle(str2, bndl) 
        If str = " Offline" AND objFSO.FileExists(file32) = false Then 
            Call LogIt("Verify_URL""Bundle URL found in Download.log but existing file32 not found in FileStore... downloading bundle") 
            Call getBundle(str2, bndl) 
            Else if str = " Offline" Then 
                Call LogIt("Verify_URL""URL found in log, no need to download") 
            End if 
        End if 
        If str = " (64-bit)" AND objFSO.FileExists(file64) = false Then 
            Call LogIt("Verify_URL""Bundle URL found in Download.log but existing file64 not found in FileStore... downloading bundle") 
            Call getBundle(str2, bndl) 
            Else if str = " (64-bit)" Then 
                Call LogIt("Verify_URL""URL found in log, no need to download") 
            End if 
        End if 
    End If   
End Function  
Function getBundle(fName, bURL) "GET", bURL, false   
    If objXMLHTTP.Status = 200 Then   
        Call LogIt("Download_Response""Request Status=" & objXMLHTTP.Status & " Downloading file stream") 
        Set objADOStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")   
        objADOStream.Type = 1   
        objADOStream.Write objXMLHTTP.ResponseBody   
        objADOStream.Position = 0     
        If objFSO.FileExists(fName) Then  
            Call LogIt("Detect_OldFile", fName & " exists, deleting...") 
            objFSO.DeleteFile fName 
            Call LogIt("Purge_OldFile", fName & " deleted") 
        End if 
        objADOStream.SaveToFile fName   
        Call LogIt("Save_NewFile""Saved stream to " & fName) 
        Call LogIt("Bundle_Request"" WARNING, response status not 200") 
    End if 
End Function  
'Compare version numbers  
Function chkArr(arr1, arr2, i)  
    If (CLng(arr1(i)) < (CLng(arr2(i)))) Then   
        chkArr = True  
        Exit Function  
    End If      
    If (UBound(arr1) > i) And (UBound(arr2) > i) Then chkArr = chkArr(arr1, arr2, i + 1)  
End Function  
If Modify = 1 Then 
    Call LogIt("Modify_Check""ModifyJRE set to 1, Confirming files and examining installed versions for removal") 
    If objFSO.FileExists(file32) Then  
        store32 = objFSO.GetFileVersion(file32) 
        Call LogIt("Confirm_x86_File""x86 file found, version=" & store32) 
        store32 = "" 
        Call LogIt("Confirm_x86_File""x86 file not found, skipping install, only checking for removal setting compare version to") 
    End if 
    If objFSO.FileExists(file64) Then  
        store64 = objFSO.GetFileVersion(file64) 
    Call LogIt("Confirm_x64_File""x64 file found, version=" & store32) 
        store64 = "" 
        Call LogIt("Confirm_x64_File""x64 file not found, skipping install, only checking for removal setting compare version to") 
    End if 
    'Search for old Java installs  
        For Each product In installer.Products  
        'If product is JRE  
        If InStr(product, "26A24AE4-039D-4CA4-87B4-"Then  
            Version = installer.ProductInfo(product, "VersionString") 
            'If installed JRE is 32 bit  
            If InStr(Mid(product,28,3), "32"Then 
                If x64 = 3 Then x64 = 2 
                If x86 = 3 Then x86 = 2 
                Call LogIt("Found_Installed_x86""Found 32-bit JRE installed version= " & Version) 
                'If installed JRE is out-of-date or we specified removal  
                If (chkArr(Split(Version, "."), Split(store32, "."), CInt(0)) = TrueOr x86 = 0 Then 
                    Call LogIt("Remove_JRE""Installed version is not up-to-date or removal was specified, Checking for administrative rights") 
                    If areAdmin = false Then Call IsElevated 
                    Call LogIt("Confirm_Admin""Confirmed administrative rights") 
          "msiexec.exe /x " & product & " /qn"), 1, true 
                    Call LogIt("Uninstall_JRE""Uninstalled MSI product " & product)                     
                    If x86 = 1 Then x86 = 2 
                'This version of JRE is up-to-date, if x86 is set to deploy (2) we can set it back to modify only (no need to reinstall) 
                Else If x86 = 2 Then x86 = 1                       
                End If   
            End If  
            If InStr(Mid(product,28,3), "64"Then 
                If x64 = 3 Then x64 = 2 
                If x86 = 3 Then x86 = 2 
                Call LogIt("Found_Installed_x64""Found 64-bit JRE installed version= " & Version) 
                If (chkArr(Split(Version, "."), Split(store64, "."), CInt(0)) = TrueOr x64 = 0 Then 
                    Call LogIt("Remove_JRE""Installed version is not up-to-date or removal was specified, Checking for administrative rights") 
                    If areAdmin = false Then Call IsElevated 
                    Call LogIt("Confirm_Admin""Confirmed administrative rights") 
          "msiexec.exe /x " & product & " /qn"), 1, true  
                    Call LogIt("Uninstall_JRE""Uninstalled MSI product " & product)     
                    If x64 = 1  Then x64 = 2 
                'This version of JRE is up-to-date, if x64 is set to deploy (2) we can set it back to modify only (no need to reinstall) 
                Else If x64 = 2 Then x64 = 1  
                End If  
            End If  
        End if   
    Call LogIt("Removal_Complete""") 
    'If FileStore is UNC, transfer files  
    If  (Mid(FileStore,1,2) = "\\"And ((x86 = 2Or (x64 = 2)) Then 
        Call LogIt("UNC_Detected""Install files are located on a file share, transferring locally") 
        temp = oShell.ExpandEnvironmentStrings("%temp%")  
        Set TypeLib = CreateObject("Scriptlet.TypeLib")  
        tmpFolder = objFSO.CreateFolder(temp & "\" & TypeLib.Guid) 
        Call LogIt("Create_TEMP_Dir""TEMP directory created: " & tmpFolder) 
        objFSO.CopyFile FileStore & "JRE_*", tmpFolder, True  
        file32 = tmpFolder & "\" & objFSO.GetFileName(file32) 
        Call LogIt("Target_32""New 32-bit filename: " & file32)         
        file64 = tmpFolder & "\" & objFSO.GetFileName(file64) 
        Call LogIt("Target_64""New 64-bit filename: " & file64)     
        Call LogIt("Transfer_Files""File(s) transferred") 
    End If  
    'Install the latest JRE 
    If x86 = 2 And objFSO.FileExists(file32) Then 
        Call LogIt("Installing_x86""x86 set for install")     
        If areAdmin = false Then Call IsElevated 
        Call LogIt("Confirm_Admin""Confirmed administrative rights") & file32 & chr(34) & " " & switches32), 1, true 
        Call LogIt("Install_x86_Result""x86 installed")     
    End If  
    If x64 = 2 And objFSO.FileExists(file64) Then 
        Call LogIt("Installing_x64""x64 set for install")     
        If areAdmin = false Then Call IsElevated 
        Call LogIt("Confirm_Admin""Confirmed administrative rights") & file64 & chr(34) & " " & switches64), 1, true 
        Call LogIt("Install_x64_Result""x64 installed")     
    End If 
    If objFSO.FolderExists(tmpFolder) Then  
        objFSO.DeleteFolder tmpFolder, True 
        Call LogIt("Delete_tmpFolder""Temporary folder deleted")     
    End if 
    'Uninstall the Java Update Scheduler  
    For Each product In installer.Products  
        If InStr(product, "4A03706F-666A-4037-7777-5F2748764D10"Then 
            Call LogIt("Remove_Scheduler""Java Update Scheduler detected, attempting uninstall")     
            If areAdmin = false Then Call IsElevated 
            Call LogIt("Confirm_Admin""Confirmed administrative rights") 
  "msiexec.exe /X{4A03706F-666A-4037-7777-5F2748764D10} /qn"), 1, true 
            Call LogIt("Removal_Result""Scheduler uninstalled")     
        End if  
End If  
Function IsElevated  
    IsElevated = CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run("cmd.exe /c ""whoami /groups|findstr S-1-16-12288 """0, true) = 0  
    If IsElevated = false Then 
    'We need to restart the script with runas, reconstruct the arguments list 
    'This is a huge pain since using an arg loop doesn't retain the quotes and passing args without them will fail of course 
    startArgs = "/Download:" & Download & " /Modify:" & Modify & " /FileStore:" & Chr(34) & FileStore & Chr(34) & " /x86:" & x86 & " /x64:" & x64 & _ 
    " /switches32:" & Chr(34) & switches32 & Chr(34) &  " /switches64:" & Chr(34) & switches64 & Chr(34) & " /logging:" & logging & _ 
    " /logdir:" & Chr(34) & logdir & Chr(34) & " /exe32:" & Chr(34) & exe32 & Chr(34) & " /exe64:" & Chr(34) & exe64 & Chr(34) 
    Call LogIt("Not_Admin""Script is not running with elevated privileges, restarting") 
    Call LogIt("Build_Arguments""Recreated Arguments string= " & startArgs)     
        App.ShellExecute "wscript.exe", Chr(34) & WScript.ScriptFullName & Chr(34) & " " & startArgs, """runas" 
    Call LogIt("Restart_Script""Restarting script with runas") 
        Call LogIt("Admin_Detected""Running with elevated privileges, setting areAdmin to true") 
        areAdmin = true  
    End If  
End function 

Change Log:

07/30/2014 Update:  Fixed bug on 32-bit systems that caused error when requesting data from  Fixed bug that caused error when FileStore path contained spaces.

10/28/2014 Update:   Modified method of version detection to resolve bug introduced when Oracle changed the way JRE 8 installs.  Fixed bug that caused option 2 (Deploy or Update) to ignore exist up-to-date installs and always reinstall.

02/03/2015 Update: Changed the download request from POST to GET which was failing in some environments.  Changed when and how the script checks for elevation (Only checks when performing an action requiring elevation, checks using whoami /groups - See last function).

06/12/2015 Update: Changed and shortened the HTTP request header as Java's website no longer responded with the full page text using the previous header which included unnecessary extra information.  Re-added "On Error Resume Next" by default which was removed during a previous debugging session.

02/13/2016 Update: Added support for passing parameters, added logging support.

10/15/2016 Update: Oracle recently enabled TLS on the manual JRE download page.  Changed initial webquery to Oracle from MSXML2.XMLHTTP.6.0 to MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0

10/20/2016 Update: The growth of JRE release versions up to 101 caused the script to no longer be able to determine the bitness in the the JRE product GUID, adjusted the searchable area for this value in the GUID to handle the change in GUID format.

11/3/2016 Update: Added bitness option 3 which will force deployment of x64 or x86 on systems where the opposite bitness is installed.  Example: if system is x64 and has an x86 JRE install, it will deploy x64 if it is not installed, if x64 is already installed, if functions as option 1 and does the standard x64 update check