A PowerShell Script designed to be deployed with Microsoft Intune, which adds a shortcut to a web app in the "All Users" Startup folder, that will launch after a user logs on to the device.


        Adds a shortcut to a web app, that will launch after log on. 
        Author:  John Seerden (https://www.srdn.io) 
        Version: 1.0 
        Adds a shortcut to a web app in the "All Users" Startup folder, that will launch after log on. 
    .PARAMETER ShortcutName 
        Display Name of the shortcut. 
    .PARAMETER ShortcutUrl 
        URL associated with the shortcut. 
    .PARAMETER ShortcutIconLocation 
        Optional: Path to an icon to associate with the shortcut. 
        This script needs to run in SYSTEM context and should be targeted to devices rather then users. 
    [string]$ShortcutName         = "My Apps", 
    [string]$ShortcutUrl          = "https://myapps.microsoft.com", 
    [string]$ShortcutIconLocation = "https://www.microsoft.com/favicon.ico" 

This script is designed to be run in SYSTEM context is should be targeted to devices rather then users. If the script is targetted to users, the shortcut will be added to the Startup folder on every device the user logs on, and will launch for every user that logs on those devices.