List the free space of all drives for several machines

List for several machines all drives with size, free size and the percentage of free space. Optional you can send the result as html or plain text report by smtp e-mail.

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  • Nice Job!
    1 Posts | Last post October 23, 2019
  • Pull a list of servers from OU instead of manually adding server names?
    3 Posts | Last post August 07, 2019
    • Great script - Can it be set to pull a list of servers from a specific OU instead of manually adding server names? Thanks
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    1 Posts | Last post July 27, 2019
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  • change to GB
    4 Posts | Last post May 15, 2019
    • Hi Olaf
      excellent script, saves me lots of time during the day.
      is it possible to change from mb to gb??
    • Just divide $_.Size by 1099511627776 instead of 1048576 to get the value in GB.
    • Super Script! Vielen Dank dafür!
    • Thanks Great work!
  • output not getting after run the PowerShell script
    1 Posts | Last post December 29, 2015
    • Hello,
      after update the SMTP details and run the powershell script, please find below mention error i am getting.
      Exception calling "Send" with "1" argument(s): "Failure sending mail."
      At G:\Query\PowerShell\New_powershell\Disk_Space\ListServerDrivesFreespace_Emai
      l.ps1:174 char:17
      + $smtpClient.Send <<<< ($mailMsg)
          + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DotNetMethodException
  • Great script
    1 Posts | Last post June 25, 2015
  • Kill script
    1 Posts | Last post April 20, 2015
    • Can I add a kill or stop script command if there is no Warn or Alarm message?
  • How to send email to multiple recipients ?
    2 Posts | Last post April 06, 2015
    • How to send email to multiple recipients ?
      I tried this [string] $receiver = ",";
      but still first email address is receiving and second is not receiving ?
    • OK first change this:
      [string[]] $receiver    = "","", "","";
      Then :
      # Init Mail address objects
      #$smtpClient = New-Object Net.Mail.SmtpClient($smtpServer);
      #$emailFrom  = New-Object Net.Mail.MailAddress $sender, $sender;
      #$emailTo    = New-Object Net.Mail.MailAddress $receiver , $receiver;
      #$mailMsg    = New-Object Net.Mail.MailMessage($emailFrom, $emailTo, $subject, $body);
      #$mailMsg.IsBodyHtml = $asHtml;
      #$smtpClient.UseDefaultCredentials = $true;
      Send-MailMessage -To $receiver -From $sender  -Subject $subject -Body $body -SmtpServer $smtpServer -BodyAsHtml
      Basically i am send-mailmessage command in it , instead of $smtpClient.Send.
  • Can I just get and HTML report and not use the SMTP settings?
    1 Posts | Last post February 27, 2015
    • Hi Olaf,
      I am new to Powershell and have found it very useful. My question is I would like to run your revised script to provide me only an HTML report.  Is there something that I need to modify in your script to just provide me an HTML report? 
  • can i use to get mount point drive details?
    1 Posts | Last post October 19, 2014
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