Do you ever think of ON/Off CapsLock, Scroll Lock, Numlock key using PowerShell, If Yes, then you are pretty creative person.
The laptop which i am using , it don't have a CAPSLOCK on/Off light , it showing software base indications, today one of my user faced the problem with the password, and capslock was enabled but there was no indications about it on the screen,
Somehow i sorted the problems using external keyboard.
Then I thought let me see if I manage to make these keys on/off using PowerShell.
So , here is the script for it., a pretty simple and straight forward.

Click here to know more about the script http://newdelhipowershellusergroup.blogspot.in/2013/10/on-off-keyboard-lock-keys-capsscrollnum.html

NOte: When you run this script, this will on all lock keys ;o)


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#==================| Satnaam Waheguru Ji |=============================== 
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#            Creation Date    : 08-09-2013 
#            File    :          Playing with KeyBaord  
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#            Version : 1  
#              Message : " I am MVP Now", Yippy! 
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# Creating a WScript.Shell onject  
 $keyBoardObject = New-Object -ComObject WScript.Shell 
# CAPSLOCK / SCROL LOCK /  Num Lock key Status  
# Getting the status of Keys using .Net Object , this result of the ISkeyLock is in Boolean 
# Capsock 
 $capsLockKeySatus = [System.Windows.Forms.Control]::IsKeyLocked('CapsLock') 
 $numLockKeySatus = [System.Windows.Forms.Control]::IsKeyLocked('NumLock') 
  $ScrollLockKeySatus =  [System.Windows.Forms.Control]::IsKeyLocked('Scroll') 
#---- process starts form here  
# checking caps lock  
 if ( $capsLockKeySatus -eq $false )  
        Write-Host "Capslock key is off"  
        # if you want to ON the CapsLock {IF CAPSLOCK IS ALREADY OFF }, then please unComment the below Command. 
else {          
        Write-Host "Capslock key is On"  
        # if you want to OFF the CapsLock Key {IF CAPSLOCK IS ALREADY on }, then please unComment the below Command. 
        #-->   $keyBoardObject.SendKeys("{CAPSLOCK}") 
# Checking ScrollOck 
 if ( $ScrollLockKeySatus -eq $false )  
        Write-Host "Scroll Lock key is off"  
        # if you want to ON the ScrollLoc {IF ScrollLock IS ALREADY OFF }, then please unComment the below Command. 
else {          
        Write-Host "Scroll Lock key is On"  
        # if you want to OFF the CapsLock Key {IF CAPSLOCK IS ALREADY on }, then please unComment the below Command. 
        #-->  $keyBoardObject.SendKeys("{SCROLLLOCK}") 
# Checking NumLock 
 if ( $numLockKeySatus -eq $false )  
        Write-Host "NumLock Lock key is off"  
        # if you want to ON the ScrollLoc {IF ScrollLock IS ALREADY OFF }, then please unComment the below Command. 
else {          
        Write-Host "NumLock Lock key is On"  
        # if you want to OFF the CapsLock Key {IF CAPSLOCK IS ALREADY on }, then please unComment the below Command. 
        #-->   $keyBoardObject.SendKeys("{NUMLOCK}") 
#-----------end of the script ----------------------#