PowerShell Log Function - New-LogEntry

PowerShell New-LogEntry log function is a flexible function to help maintaining a full log of script actions which can be used interactively or as part of a scheduled task/Orchestrator runbook.

Main Features

New-LogEntry function supports the following features through parameters:

Sameple Output

The following are examples of New-LogEntry usage to write log messages on a live system:

[06-21-18 03:20:57] : [Error] - Test Log Error 
[06-21-18 03:21:10] : [Warning] - Test Log Warning 
[06-21-18 03:21:10] : Test Standard Log Message 

Full Documentation and changelog

While online help is available for the function you can find the latest version of the readme together with examples here https://github.com/PsCustomObject/New-LogEntry

Obtaining latest version

I will try my best to keep the code here up to date but you can always find latest version, together with other code, here https://github.com/PsCustomObject/New-LogEntry or http://PsCustomObject.github.io

Reporting issues/requesting features

If you face any issue or would ilke to see a feature implemented please open an issue on GitHub https://github.com/PsCustomObject/New-LogEntry I will be glad to analyze the request and implement it, it's usually faster than contacting me here.

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