A bit of C# code wrapped up with powershell which will allow you to assign accounts to a local security policy login as batch job rights. This code is no great shakes but it is a good example of how you might take some existing online code and modify to suit your needs in powershell. This function also compliments another scheduled task creation script I've released in the past.


    When run administratively this will add a user to the local system's login as batch job rights security policy. 
    When run administratively this will add a user to the local system's login as batch job rights security policy. 
    User ID to add to the local system's login as batch job rights security policy. 
        1.0.0 - Initial release 
        Zachary Loeber 
        Code mildy modified from  
    Add-UserToLoginAsBatch 'test.user' 
    Adds the local user test.user to the login as batch job rights on the local machine.