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The main idea behind PowerShell CodeManager is to make the reuse of code as easy and convenient as possible. The longer you are in coding, the more likely it is, that at some point in the past you did already code the stuff you need again right now.

But where was that? How did you name that script again? CodeManager will find it. You can search inside all of your scripts in a matter of seconds and find what you are looking for. And the moment you find it, it’s already in your clipboard, ready to be used again.

If you want to go a step further and make the whole process even more convenient and the code easier to reuse, you can create snippets. CodeManager is based on an award winning PowerGui snippet add-on and provides all the tools you need for that. CodeManager also helps you presenting and documenting your scripts or exploring the code of others, by creating an interactive function dependency graph, of a single function or a complete script.

CodeManager can also directly execute scripts and lets you quickly change or add command line parameters and user context. Its free and itself completely written in PowerShell.




For a detailed overview on what's new in V6: Click here.



Code Finder - Quickly and comfortably search scripts and snippets and insert them (fully or just a part) with one click into your script inside your favorite editor.
Function Explorer
- Overview and quick direct access to all functions in each script, module or snippet.
Snippet Editor
- Create, edit, tag and organize snippets. With special support for ISE and PowerGui snippet functionality (auto-creation of placeholders, delete existing placeholders with auto-replacement to the default value, auto highlighting of placeholders etc.).
Code Visualizer
- Creates interactive function dependency graphs. Document your script or explore and understand scripts of others.
Script Execution
- Launch scripts directly from CodeManager with quick access to command line options.
Script Edit
- Make changes directly in CodeManager or open scripts in your favorite editor with a click
Locations -
Support for multiple snippet and script locations from your network or local computer. Supports roaming profiles.
Snippet Search
- Full-text indexing of all snippets, instant search in the snippet Code, Description, Name and Author.
Script Search
- Instant name search and high speed code search in all your scripts and modules.
PoshCode Search - Search for Snippets and Scripts on (a web-based script repository). Fully integrated.
Snippet Converter
- Quick and easy conversion between PowerGUI snippet format and ISE snippet format (both directions, as many as you want, with just a click).
Store Room
- Quick and easy deactivation (and reactivation) of snippets to clean up your editors snippets menu.
Customizable Syntax Coloring
- Display the code in the same colors as in your editor or use one of the shipped color schemes.
and much, much more...


Screenshots and Demo Videos:


Visualizer Demo Video



Powershell v4 or v5 is recommended for this version (6.x) of CodeManager and PowerShell v3 is necessary. CodeManager has been tested on Windows 7, 8.1, 10, Server 2016, 2012 and 2008 R2, but should run fine on any other Windows version where at least Powershell V3 can be installed.


A) You can download the PowerShell CodeManager Installer via the link at the top.

Got to on CodeManagers -> homebase for a manual installation ZIP-file, a Snippet Starter Pack and more Demo videos.


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