Removing Conficker Virus via scripts

Having problems fighting with Conficker bug ? You need not worry anymore. :)

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Operating System
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  • User friendly
    4 Posts | Last post August 29, 2012
    • Hi Guowen
      It is user friendly indeed :) Awesome 
    • Thanks for the comments..
    • Grt thanks Bro.. works grt.. :)
    • No Problem Dev_L :) anytime.
  • Good intentions...
    4 Posts | Last post June 25, 2012
    • I do not recommend anyone using this script unless they are completely certain of the consequences and what the script does.  As far as using it in a logon script, that is a very bad idea, for many reasons.  First, the script itself says the machine needs to be rebooted immediately afterwards.  You can add that in, but if used via logon script, you now have computers rebooting on login.  Secondly, there is no tracking of which computers have already run this, so it would be run every time, possibly causing more harm and slowing the logon process dramatically.
    • Hi Rich,
      I appreciate your suggestion. But i don't think i deserve a one star rating for that? look at others they have rated me for either 4 or 5 stars..
      I believe if the admin is competent enough..
      he or she would have thought thru all these and not just whacking it without thinking. Furthermore Doing it with just a one time action. the logon script can be terminated anytime via the GPO settings as well. They can always use their AV server to re-scan for infection again. Or either perform normal netstat to detect for multiple port 445 ?
      I've tested these scripts via login scripts. It is proven and approved by GTSC Shanghai. 
    • Well Rich,
      I don't agree with your comment. Based on fact. I have used these script and it didn't create any login slowness impact to the domain. It works very well in the sense that the scan did what is necessary to kill the conficker bug. So i think Guowen did a very good job in the above sharing. So i felt that your 1 star rating to him was an insult. Seriously Rich you must not be racist.
    • Hi Rich,
      You need to be more humble in your words. Guowen did a very good job in sharing his ideas. I don't think he deserve a 1 star rating. You should go and reflect or even do some soul searching. Based on my rating, i gave him a 5 stars because he is really good. He answers to most of my answers with swift and prompt actions.
  • login script
    3 Posts | Last post June 22, 2012
    • can i put this into a login script and push >? 
    • Yes you can. But make sure your users have sufficient rights to trigger the script and exe files
    • thats cool.. GOOD JOB