Reset Windows Update Agent

This Script allow reset the Windows Update Agent resolving issues with Windows Update.
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Windows Update
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  • Does this script work on Windows 7 64bit professional?
    2 Posts | Last post February 07, 2018
    • Windows update stopped working on my Lenovo Think Pad which is about 4 years old. I have tried a lot of different fixes and none have worked.  I am reluctant to do a system restore.  Will this script work on my computer which runs Windows 7 64 bit professional?  I read through some of the Q and As and you mention it is for "home" use.  I use this computer at home and at my office.  I am the only user.  Please respond.  Thanks.
    • This tool can restore to some extent the Windows Update settings. However, it is not advisable to use it on computers that have configured domains or Group Policy since these configurations may be lost.
      If your PC doesn't have these configurations, you can try this solution.
      For more information see
  • Suggestion: Get-WindowsUpdateLog
    2 Posts | Last post February 07, 2018
    • You're clearly one of those guys who could write an entire OS in the form of a .BAT file! Great tool.
      I'd like to suggest that it would be handy to have a menu item that runs the PowerShell Get-WindowsUpdateLog command on Windows 10/2016.
    • Thanks for your suggestion, I'm going to perform tests in an executable version since in the script version you can lose control of the tool when using PowerShell commands.
  • .zip file is empty
    3 Posts | Last post February 07, 2018
    • I downloaded (3x) from the link above & every time I get a message the file is empty. Properties also says 0 bytes
      Where is everyone else getting this file from?
    • Ok, I tried again & the file downloaded.
    • This is a temporary error on the server. I do not know why it happens but I appreciate that you mention it.
  • Great Tool!
    2 Posts | Last post February 07, 2018
    • You made my day. Thx! But in the end a GPUPDATE /FORCE was necessary to make it work again.
      My Problem with update came after clearing partition C and doing a reboot at a wrong point of time.
    • Thanks, the gp command manages information about user policies and is normally used in companies, so I did not include it in this tool.
      I'm glad you found it useful!.
  • Force kill service process
    2 Posts | Last post December 23, 2017
    • Hi Manuel, 
      Could you add a way to kill service that do not want to stop?
      At the moment I often need to get the process id of bits and wuauserv services and then kill them
      taskkill /PID <pid> /F
      Thanks anyway for the good script!
    • Hi Damiano,
      I was investigating and there is no official Microsoft documentation. The unofficial documentation suggests use the command "taskkill /im wuauclt.exe /f" to cancel Windows Update.
      Another way is some Process Explorer to manager the processes:
      In Windows it is not normal to use PID with the Task Manager.
      I will perform tests before being sure to enter this code in this tool
      Thank you!
  • W10 Tool Not Working
    2 Posts | Last post December 15, 2017
    • Download and run as admin (by right click and select run as admin) - script runs as far as warning at your own risk... select Y as answer and get a loud beep, no echo of the Y which I type. Same each try. 
      I am desperately needing this, my updates don't take for insider program, always roll back to Version	10.0.16199 Build 16199, the Troubleshooter tool does not work, says integrity suspect or words to that effect, by Troubleshooter I mean TSing anything, network, wifi, anything at all.
    • Hi denbigh,
      It seems to be a serious Windows error.
      Try using this version of the tool:
      I hope it will be solved soon.
  • Download doesn't work
    3 Posts | Last post December 15, 2017
    • Hi,
      also thanks for the script, but for now, the download in english doesn't work and has a result of 0 Byte. Instead the download in spanish works.
    • ...all OK for now, the download in english works again.
      Bye Espressotasse
    • Thanks Espressotasse,
      This seems to be a momentary server error.
      Because it has happened several times, I have switched to github:
  • What is the difference between the "latest version" link and this?
    2 Posts | Last post December 04, 2017
    • I see you have a "LATEST VERSION here" link in the description but going to that, its older than this tool.
      Also, I selected number 9 but could you add a option that clearly states it does everything automatically to clean up and fix the possible issues?
    • Hi riahc3,
      It is true, this version is slightly superior in functionality, however, I hope to overcome that functionality in the other tool in the coming weeks.
      In the help for the tool I try to explain that each type of solution is different. But this, I did not make an option with these characteristics.
  • Windows 10 upgrade clean
    2 Posts | Last post November 26, 2017
    • Thanks for your script Manuel.
      Can be nice to add the clean of the download Windows 10 upgrade 1607, 1703, 1709 in folder install C:\$WINDOWS.~BT and reset the catroot folder C:\Windows\System32\catroot2
      Information :
    • Hi Thierry Chapuisat,
      I'm working on a version that removes the update history from the Regedit.
      The folder C:\$WINDOWS.~BT contains files with relevant information for the support of Windows Update ang others issues.
  • How do I run this silently in the background?
    2 Posts | Last post November 26, 2017
    • I was wondering if there was a way to run this silently in the background without user interaction?
    • Hi The.Capt.Kirk,
      It is possible with the lite version and the help of SFX commands from winrar.
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