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    This sample automation runbook is based on the Restart-ServiceFromAzureAlert runbook, created by the Automation Team and is designed to take the payload from an Azure Alert based on a Log Analytics query for stopped services. 
    This runbook parses out the comptuter name and service name so that it could be extended to start the service 
    on the machine downloading a script from a storage account and running it. 
    This sample automation runbook is designed to take the payload from an Azure Alert based on a Log Analytics 
    query for stopped services. 
    This runbook parses out the comptuter name and service name so that it could be extended to start the service 
    on the machine downloading a script from a storage account and running it. 
    The query used from Log Analytics Azure Alert is:  
    | where ServiceName_CF == "Print Spooler" and ServiceState_CF == "stopped" 
    Two custom fields have been created to be used on the previous query to extract the service display name and service state. 
.PARAMETER WebhookData 
    Optional. The Alert will pass in the json body of the above query when it is activated. 
    AUTHOR: Everson Amancio, with Kleber Alves contribution 
    RELEASE: April 03rd, 2019 
    LASTEDIT: April 03rd, 2019 
        - Updated for schema change 

This sample automation runbook is based on the Restart-ServiceFromAzureAlert runbook, created by the Automation Team and is designed to take the payload from an Azure Alert based on a Log Analytics query for stopped services.

This runbook parses out the comptuter name and service name so that it could be extended to start the service on the machine downloading a script from a storage account and running it.

The query used from Log Analytics Azure Alert is:

    | where ServiceName_CF == "Print Spooler" and ServiceState_CF == "stopped"

Two custom fields have been created to be used on the previous query to extract the service display name and service state.

A script to start the service must be created and hosted in a blob storage container, to be downloaded and executed.