Dell PS Automation Driver Download & Import Script for MDT and SCCM

Automate the process of downloading, extracting and packaging drivers for Dell devices with SCCM & MDT by using this GUI driven PowerShell script.

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  • No Revision folder created in version 1.6.4
    1 Posts | Last post January 14, 2019
    • When I use your tool to import Dell drivers into my MDT server.
      It doesn't create a version folder inside the model folder anymore.
      This is happening with version 1.6.4 of your tool, previously it work without a problem.
  • Error: Prerequisite 7-Zip Not Found - Acer Support Disabled DriverAutomationTool
    2 Posts | Last post June 30, 2017
    • I have 7-Zip installed. So where this error comes from?
    • I think you have posted this in the wrong place, but what version of 7-zip and powershell are you running?.
  • Some Dell models not found
    2 Posts | Last post June 21, 2017
    • Hi Maurice,
      thanks a lot for the excellent script. I have found that it fails for some models where Dell is not using consistent naming (e.g. for the Latitude E7250, which in their web is under "Latitude E7250/7250").
      I have implemented a quick hack that solves this, though:
      $ModelType = ($Model.Split(" "))[0]
      $ModelID = ($Model.Split(" "))[-1]
      $ModelLink = $ModelLinks | Where-Object { $_.outerText -eq "$Model" }
      if ( !$ModelLink )
      # Exact model match did not work. Let's try matching model type and number
          $ModelLink = $ModelLinks | Where-Object { ( $_.outerText -like "*$ModelType*") -and ( $_.outerText -like "*$ModelID*" )  }
      This works fine for our mix of Dell models (a total of 52 different models), although I guess it might still fail in some particular cases...
      I hope this helps!
    • Hi,
      I have discontinued development of the standalone version. If you check out the updated multi vendor version on
      It uses Dell's XML as opposed scrapping their websites.
  • Small bug: ModelCSVSource vs MDTCSVSource
    2 Posts | Last post May 25, 2017
    • I believe there is a small typo in the script: while the command line parameters expected include MDTCSVSource, the rest of the code refers to ModelCSVSource.
      Once the inconsistency is resolved the script seems to be working perfectly fine :)
      Thanks for the great work!
    • Hi,
      The Dell standalone version development was discontinued a couple of months ago now. Please download the multi-vendor version from -
  • Does this work with standalone MDT
    3 Posts | Last post March 08, 2017
    • I am using -ImportInto MDT , but it still tries to get info from SCCM. this is the error DellDownloads.ps1:639 char:17
      +                 if ($Model - <<<< notin $DellProducts)
          + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (:) [], ParseException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ExpectedValueExpression
    • I figured it out, some modifications needed to work with standalone mdt 
    • You might have a look at the GUI version - and also ensure you are using an up to date version of PowerShell.
  • Script runs but there is not downloading of packages
    3 Posts | Last post January 28, 2017
    • Script runs in powershell but there are no downloading of driver packages.  
    • Are you using a proxy for Internet access?
    • I didn't recognise your handle Malcolm. This was due to the fact no Dell models exited in your test environment as per our conversation on Twitter.
  • restarting the script
    2 Posts | Last post December 12, 2016
    • Will this pick up where it left off if stopped?
    • It all depends at which point of the process the script is running. If it is stopped early during the download phase, the script will of course restart and download / create the folders as required. If it is in the import phase then no you will need to remove any created driver packs as it looks at created driver packs when running.
      If you feel that this restartable functionality is something needed, I can look to add this in a later build of the script.