Updated: 2015-07-15

# Version 1.5
  Markus Lassfolk
 - Minor tewaks and changes



SCVMM (System Center: Virtual Machine Manager) 2012 and 2012R2 can manage the patch compliance on your servers. That’s a great feature but normally involves some manual work as you have to add each update to the Baselines manually.

My colleague Mikael Nyström (MVP)  made a script to handle this automatically, which I’ve developed a bit further.

The script has a few Pre-Requisites;

That’s it! You can now run the script and automatically import all matching updates.

The following actions will be performed;

The script will not initiate any remediation. And as the script normally only checks the newest 500 updates, it has to be run fairly regular. In my environment, 500 updates is about 1 month of updates. Though to be safe, run it once a week.


   Script to automatically keep SCVMM Baselines in sync with WSUS  
   Script that synchronizes WSUS Updates with SCVMM, both adding new updates and removes old inactive updates.  
   Update-BaseLineUpdates $Baselinename 
# Author 
Current Author, Markus Lassfolk @Truesec  
Original Author, Mikael Nyström @Truesec  
# Version 1.5  
  Markus Lassfolk  
 - Minor tewaks and changes  
# Version 1.2 
  Markus Lassfolk  
 - Added section to remove inactive updates  
# Version 1.0  
  Markus Lassfolk  
 - Initial Release  
# Version 0.5  
  Mikael Nyström