SCVMM : Automatic Baseline update script

Powershell script to automatically updated Baselines in SCVMM with Patches from WSUS.

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  • Cannot bind arguemt to parameter "DifferenceObject"
    2 Posts | Last post August 26, 2014
    • Since the last Windows Updates I get "Cannot bind argument to parameter 'DifferenceObject' because it is null" if I run the script.
    • I found a solution:
      The Problem is that "Update-BaseLineUpdates "Updates" get nothing back in the object.
      I changed the line " $LatestUpdates = Get-SCUpdate -Newest 500 | Where-Object -Property UpdateClassification -EQ -Value $BaseLineName | Where-Object......"
      "......-Newest 1000......", so the object is filled with some updates and the script is successfully running.