Came across this when i needed to send a HTML email in PowerShell but with an embedded / inline company logo. Searching the net i kept coming across scripts and code that utilised .Net framework. But eventually I came over a blog post that showed how to do this in PowerShell V4.

I thought this is so neat that I wanted to share with others. This is tested working on a Windows Server 2016 Standard

$params = @{ 
    To = '' 
    From = '' 
    SmtpServer = 'exchange.domain.local' 
    Subject = 'Test Subject' 
    Body = 'Test <br /><img src="attachment.png" />' 
    BodyAsHtml = $true 
    Attachments = 'c:\folder\attachment.png' 
Send-MailMessage @params
The result of this was an email with an inline/embedded company logo, perfect!
Credit and source: