Service Broker Sample: Asynchronous Triggers

Trying to implement complex triggers, but they take too long to run and ruin everyone's day whenever they try to make data changes? Look no further than to Asynchronous Triggers - Implemented using SQL Server Service Broker!

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  • Can this be set up to write to a linked Postgres server?
    1 Posts | Last post July 09, 2019
    • I tested this setup, and as far as I followed the scenario, it worked as expected. But I need to write to a linked Postgres server (just inserting transaction history into a Postgres table). I was able to write to it when I passed the XML data directly to the final Stored Procedure, like:
      EXEC AdventureWorks2014.dbo.sp_department @inserted, @deleted
      but not when this stored procedure is executed by the Service Broker. Are there any limitations that prevent Service Broker to write to a linked server? Or are there some permission subtleties?