Set Random Wallpaper on your Desktop using Powershell

Hi,This is a small script code for those , who love their wallpapers. or those love to change theri wallpaers daily.I love to chnage my desktop wallpaper once or twice in a week.This small code, jut get a ramdom image from your picture folders and set it as your desktop wallpaper

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  • Why it never changes the first time
    1 Posts | Last post May 02, 2019
    • Hi
      I saw your great idea for a script and decided to try it out.
      I noticed that it did not run the first time I logged in with it.
      It only seems to run after I've logged in to my PC once after applying it to the local security policy editor (User Login scripts)
      it seems to do it the same thing on all my devices.
      only runs the 2nd time logging in, never the first time with a new profile.
      Can you advise?