Using Powershell cmdlets new SCCM 2012 R2 in you-can set maintenance windows Overcoming the Limitations imposed on collections by the GUI console .

Script always calculates second tuesday of the month and THEN Specified Patch offsets the day by speciffied days and weeks to be usable in complex HAVING enviroment year Patching Schedule

eg :

Pilot in the week with Patch Tuesday

Staging on one week after Patch Tuesday

Production on week two after Patch Tuesday




*                                                                                                        * 
*** This Powershell Script is used to set maintenance windows on SU Collections for any month          *** 
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* Created by Octavian Cordos, 28/03/2015  | Requirements Powershell 2.0, SCCM 2012 R2                    * 
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* Octavian Cordos               | 28/03/2015 | v1.0      | First version                                 * 
* Octavian Cordos/Ioan Popovici | 30/03/2015 | v1.1      | Second version                                * 
* Octavian Cordos               | 31/03/2015 | v1.2      | Third version                                 * 
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       Used to set maintenance windows 
       Calculating second tuesday of any month and setting Maintenance window offset by any number of days/weeks 
#Run on Site server 
    import-module "E:\SCCM\AdminConsole\bin\ConfigurationManager.psd1" 
    cd VSM: 
    $MonthArray = New-Object System.Globalization.DateTimeFormatInfo 
    $MonthNames = $MonthArray.MonthNames 
#Set Patch Tuesday for a Month 
Function Get-PatchTuesday ([int] $Month)  
    $FindNthDay=2 #Aka Second occurence 
    $Today=get-date -Month $Month 
    while ($StrtMonth.DayofWeek -ine $WeekDay ) { $StrtMonth=$StrtMonth.AddDays(1) } 
    return $PatchDay 
Function Set-PatchMW ([int]$PatchMonth, [int]$OffSetDays, [int] $OffSetWeeks, [string] $CollID) 
    #Set Patch Tuesday for each Month 
    #Set Maintenance Window Naming Convention (Months array starting from 0 hence the -1) 
    $MWName =  "MW."+$MonthNames[$PatchMonth-1]+".Week"+$OffSetWeeks 
    #Set Device Collection Maintenace interval  
    #Create The Schedule Token  
    $Schedule = New-CMSchedule -Nonrecurring -Start $StartTime.AddDays($OffSetWeeks*7) -End $EndTime.AddDays($OffSetWeeks*7) 
    #Set Maintenance Windows 
    New-CMMaintenanceWindow -CollectionID $CollID -Schedule $Schedule -Name $MWName -ApplyToSoftwareUpdateOnly 
#Remove all existing Maintenance Windows for a Collection 
Function Remove-MaintnanceWindows ([string]$CollID)  
    Get-CMMaintenanceWindow -CollectionId $CollID | ForEach-Object { 
        Remove-CMMaintenanceWindow -CollectionID $CollID -Name $_.Name -Force 
        $Coll=Get-CMDeviceCollection -CollectionId $CollID 
        Write-Host "Removing MW:"$_.Name"- From Collection:"$Coll.Name 
#Remove Previous Maintenance Windows 
Remove-MaintnanceWindows $CollID 
Set-PatchMW $PatchMonth $OffSetDays $OffSetWeeks $CollectionID 
#Or use it like this for the whole Year 
#For ($Month = 1; $Month -le 12; $Month++)  
#    { 
#    Set-PatchMW $Month $OffSetDays $OffSetWeeks $CollectionID 
#    }