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SnippetManager & Injector v3 is a code snippet manager for PowerShell
. It can now be used with any editor, but also has special support for ISE and PowerGUI built in. It enables you to comfortably manage PowerShell code snippets. Its free and itself completely written in PowerShell.


Here's what's new in v3:

# The Snippet Injector!

What's that?
Well, there has always been a "weak link" in the otherwise great "using code snippets"-idea. And that is: how to most quickly and comfortably find and insert the snippet you need. The insert-snippet pop-ups in PowerGui and ISE are suboptimal at best: Way too small, no search possible and ISE does not even support folders.
So in other words, if you have more than a couple of snippets or maybe want your snippets on a network share, you are screwed.

This is where the Injector comes in. The Injector is a pop-up window, that appears on the side of the screen, lets you search and select a snippet and with the next click (or hotkey press) inserts the snippet into your editor. Any editor.
The Injector has many nice features like Tooltips with syntax coloring, supports different ways of Snippet injection and can be customized in various ways.

This is how it looks like:

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Find more videos on Snippet Managers homebase.

# PoshCode Search

If you need a pre-coded solution for a task or problem in your script, you can now simply search on from inside SnippetManager. It's fully integrated, so you search as you would for local snippets. The results appear in the SnippetExplorer with their description and can be used by a click.

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# Custom Syntax Coloring

It always sounds a bit unimportant, but it is not: Syntax coloring lets you read and comprehend code faster. And if you have found your optimal colors, it's a distraction if any of your coding tools uses different ones.

So now aside from the two shipped coloring schemes (ISE color scheme, SnippetManager color scheme) you can create your own scheme. Fine tune the existing schemes or create a completely new one. Either way, odd colors won't distract you anymore.


# Better Network Support

This has been wished for, so i did my best to remedy the most urgent problems: SnippetManager should now run smoothly from network-shares, work with shared snippet repositories and supports roaming profiles.



If you never worked with snippets before, here is a short explanation: Snippets are code fragments or short scripts that you save for later, so that you can use them again in another script. You've probably done that before by opening an old script and copy parts out of it. By saving such parts as a "snippet" you can do this much faster and easier in the future.

Once you assigned a name to your snippet, you can easily inject them in your code by either using the built in functions in ISE and Powergui or the new Snippet Injector.
In addition to that, you can replace parts of the snippet code (e.g. function names, variables or anything that you probably would change when you use that code again) with a placeholder (currently only supported by PowerGUI). This placeholder will be highlighted when you paste the snippet to your script, and you can simply put in a new value for the placeholder.



Snippet Explorer - copy, paste, rename, delete snippets and snippet categories
Snippet Injector
- quickly and comfortably search your snippets and insert them with one click in any editor you like
Snippet Creator
- change existing snippets, create new snippets, advanced placeholder functions for PowerGUI (auto-creation of placeholders, delete existing placeholders with auto-replacement to the default value, auto highlighting of placeholders etc.)
Store Room
- quick and easy deactivation (and reactivation) of snippets to clean up your snippets menu
Snippet Converter
- quick and easy conversion between PowerGUI snippet format and ISE snippet format (both directions, as many as you want, with just a click)
Snippet Locations
- support for multiple snippet locations from your network or local computer in snippet explorer. Supports roaming profiles.
Fulltext Search
- full-text indexing of all snippets, instant search in the snippet Code, Description, Name and Author.
PoshCode Search - Search for Snippets and Scripts on (a web-based script repository). Fully integrated in SnippetExplorer.
Customizable Syntax Coloring - Display the code in the same colors as in your editor or use one of the shipped color schemes.

and much, much more...


Screenshots and Demo Videos:




Find videos on Snippet Managers homebase.



Powershell v3 or later is recommend for this version (3.0.0) of SnippetManager
Powershell v2 is sufficent, although enhanced syntax coloring and Poshcode search needs v3 or later.
Snippet Manager and Injector has been tested with various Windows versions and should run on any Windows where at least Powershell v2 can be installed.


A) You can download Snippet Manager & Injector v3 via the link at the top.

Got to on Snippet Managers homebase for a manual installation ZIP-file, a Snippet Starter Pack and more Demo videos.

Version History


A) Improvements/Features:

B) Bugfixes:


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