Speculation Control Validation PowerShell Script

This is described in the blog topic: "Windows Server guidance to protect against the speculative execution side-channel vulnerabilities."

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  • Windows 7 incompatibility
    1 Posts | Last post January 06, 2018
    • Windows 7 (PowerShell 2.0) does not recognize RootModule manifest member, it must be changed to ModuleToProcess
      Windows 8.1 recognize both
  • Both calls to NtQuerySystemInformation are failing
    1 Posts | Last post January 06, 2018
    • The script will generate an output despite the fact that both SYSTEM INFORMATION_CLASS values (201 & 196) are failing with return codes 0xC0000003 (STATUS_INVALID_INFO_CLASS), I am testing this on my SurfacePro
  • What versions of Powershell does this support?
    3 Posts | Last post January 06, 2018
    • Windows 2012 R2 comes with PS v 4.0, which doesn't want to load the module per the instructions provided. 
    • One can open PowerShell and open SpeculationControl.psm1 and then just copy+paste entire content into PowerShell to load the script, then execute Get-SpeculationControlSettings and it'll work just fine.
    • It looks to be at least version 5 for the "Import-Module" command.
      Microsoft seem to be making something already difficult even more difficult, I installed WMF 5.1 to get it to work as per (incomplete) instructions on their articles.
      I think based on responses so far its unlikely this issue will be resolved quickly (i.e. this year) for the majority of non super-technical users.
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