Start Azure V2 VMs

This Graphical PowerShell runbook connects to Azure using an Automation Run As account and starts all V2 VMs in an Azure subscription or in a resource group or a single named V2 VM. You can attach a recurring schedule to this runbook to run it at a specific time. The asso

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Windows Azure
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  • Parallel start
    2 Posts | Last post June 13, 2017
    • It seems it starts each VM sequentially, taking some time to finish and wasting Job Time. Could you change to Start all VMs at once?
    • Did you find a way to start them all at once?
  • Breaking change notice
    1 Posts | Last post March 24, 2017
    • I've been using this script for months and started receiving an error:
      Breaking change notice: In upcoming release, top level properties, DataDiskNames and NetworkInterfaceIDs, will be removed from VM object because they are also in StorageProfile and NetworkProfile, respectively.
      RunbookFlow : Resource group 'RESOURCE-GROUP' could not be found.
      ErrorCode: ResourceGroupNotFound
      ErrorMessage: Resource group 'RESOURCE-GROUP' could not be found.
      StatusCode: 404
      ReasonPhrase: Not Found
      OperationID : SOME_GUID_HERE
      At line:9 char:57
      + <#-- Enable activity tracing to see error location --#> RunbookFlow `
      +                                                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
          + CategoryInfo          : CloseError: (:) [Invoke-RunbookFlow], ComputeCloudException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Orchestrator.GraphRunbook.Cmdlets.InvokeRunbookFlowCommand
      Odd enough, this script will run on some VM's but not on others.