Services Status Check On Multiple Computers


Being a Windows Administrator it is necessary for you to monitor the status of any specific services under various scenarios like the server is not responding and you want to see the status of services remotely or you are doing some planned activity on servers beforehand you have a need to collect the services status report for servers or you are involved in monthly production patching where you need to capture the services status before and after patching, etc.. So if you do it manually it will be time consuming.

To save your efforts and improve your IT Operations efficiency, I developed a script which will do it for you. This script saves your time by generating the status of services in text format with its server names as prefix.








Initial version will generate the status of services using input file.


How to Run the Script?



Preliminary configuration Tasks


If you are running the script without modifying the inputs make sure that you configure the script execution environment as below before you execute the script.

Step 1 :    Create a folder C:\Admin\ on the system where you are running the script.

Step 2 :    This script reads the input or the server list from the file named Servers.txt located at C:\Admin\ .Hence you need to create a text file with servers.txt under that folder and update the server list in text file. I attached the samples with its output. You can also modify the input location and file name as per your setting.

Step 3 :    Set the execution policy - Run the PowerShell with Elevated privilege and set execution policy as unrestricted using below command.



Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted –Force

Step 4 :    Verify the execution policy status after running the above command by using


Step 5 :    Download the script and save script at C:\Admin folder or any folders at your convenience.


Images showing Initial Setup





Execution Procedure

To run the script right click on the script from the location where it is saved and Select option Run with PowerShell.

Example 1:



Example 2:

Incase if you want to know the status of specific service you can use -Filter option with the service name.Here, I filtered BITS service.Call the script in PowerShell like this

.\ServicesStatus.ps1 -Filter "Name='BITS'"


Execution Result 

Script Explanation 


Attachment Details 


Conclusion and Feedback 

Let’s quickly recap the key points of this script, using this content you came to know how to effectively use this script for validating the windows services status for multiple computers, the initial configuration tasks which are required to run this script along with the way how this script is coded. Hope you enjoyed!

I appreciate if you rate the value of this script and leave the feedback with recommendations to improve it at Q&A session.






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