Update Management - Run Script Locally

This script is intended to be run as a part of Update Management Pre/Post scripts. This script will run an Azure Automation runbook via a hybrid worker, allowing for local execution of a script. It requires a RunAs account and a hybrid worker configured on the machine.

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Windows Azure
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  • Will this script be opensourced?
    1 Posts | Last post July 26, 2019
    • While this script is very useful, I found an issue that I fixed for my environment. I would like to share this. Are there any plans to host this script on Github so the community could contribute, or something like that?
      The issues I found (and fixed):
      - The script has a while loop that checks for completed status. If a runbook ends in "failed"  status, the loop runs forever
      - The script  lacks error handling when starting the runbook, for example if the runbook or hybrid worker group do not exist. When that happens it again loops forever