This sample automation runbook is designed to be used in a watcher task that takes action on data passed in from a watcher runbook. It is required to have a parameter called $EVENTDATA in watcher action runbooks to receive information from the watcher runbook.

You can search for "Watch-NewFile" in the gallery to see the watcher runbook that will trigger this action as part of an Azure Automation watcher task.


    This sample automation runbook is designed to be used in a watcher task that takes action 
    on data passed in from a watcher runbook. 
    This sample automation runbook is designed to be used in a watcher task that takes action 
    on data passed in from a watcher runbook. It is required to have a parameter called $EVENTDATA in 
    watcher action runbooks to receive information from the watcher runbook. 
    Optional. Contains the information passed in from the watcher runbook. 
    AUTHOR: Automation Team 
    LASTEDIT: Nov 12th, 2017 
Write-Output("Passed in data is " + ($EVENTDATA.EventProperties.Data | ConvertFrom-Json))