##New Revision 3.0 ###

This revision includes five new functions and removes the snippet module (because PowerShell 3.0 includes snippets). The five new functions are:


I have also edited the profile script text in the code below as well. These new functions are discussed in the Scripting Guy blog on May 18 and 19 of 2013.

This is a revision, to my previous Windows PowerShell ISE module that I have uploaded to the Scripting Guys Script Repository. This is a collection of four modules that help to configure the Windows PowerShell ISE. This incorporates add-ins I have written about on the Hey Scripting Guy blog. Specifically, I have a copymodule.psm1 file that will search a folder and install all psm1 files into the appropriate folders of the users Windows PowerShell module directory. I have a snippet module, that can install and add in snippets to the Windows PowerShell ISE (to install the snippets on your computer, use the Register-CodeSnippets function -- include the path to where you download the snips.zip file. I also have a PowerShellISEModule that contains a number of functions, as well as a menumodule that is used to add the menu items. All of these things are called from the PowerShell profile that is included here. For more information about this see the Hey Scrpting Guy blog, where I have written an article that discusses this profile and modules.

import-module PowerShellISEModule 
import-module MenuModule 
import-module copymodule