Sample script that lists SQLOS Execution Model information. For each scheduler the script shows runnable queues, waiter lists, and workers. Note that resource waits are the time spent waiting for the resource. This script requires Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Visual Basic
select distinct s.scheduler_id as sched
	, r.session_id as sid
	, w.exec_context_id as eid
	--, w.blocking_exec_context_id as beid
	, r.status
	, r.wait_type
	, s.runnable_tasks_count as runnable
	, s.active_workers_count as act_workers
	, s.current_workers_count as cur_workers
from sys.dm_os_schedulers s
left outer join sys.dm_exec_requests r
on s.scheduler_id = r.scheduler_id
left outer join sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks w
on r.session_id = w.session_id
where r.session_id > 50
order by s.scheduler_id
	, r.session_id
	, w.exec_context_id
	, r.status
	, r.wait_type
	, s.runnable_tasks_count
	, s.active_workers_count
select distinct session_id, exec_context_id, count(*)
from sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks
where session_id > 50
group by session_id, exec_context_id
order by session_id, exec_context_id