List All Members of a Grouo, Including Members of Nested Groups

Lists all the members of an Active Directory group, including members from any nested groups.

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Active Directory
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  • Problema Detectado!!! / Problem detected!!!
    2 Posts | Last post June 01, 2016
    • Este script tiene un problema! Si un usuario tiene como "PrimaryGroupID" el ID del grupo que estas consultando, el usuario no sale en el listado de miembros aunque lo sea. La solución pasaria por averiguar el "PrimaryGroupID" del grupo que buscamos y hacer una busqueda adicional por los usuarios que tengan ese valor en "PrimaryGroupID":
      Google Translator:
      This script have a problem! If a user has the "PrimaryGroupID" group ID you are referring to, the user does not appear in the list of members but it is. The solution would be to find the "PrimaryGroupID" the group and we do a further search for users with that value in "PrimaryGroupID":
    • That's right, If you query "domain users" it shows up just 2 members, the ones that does are not members as their primary group... Any solution around?
  • Receive Error When Script is Run
    6 Posts | Last post November 02, 2012
    • I get the following error when I run this script. I am not a scripting person so would someone please fix this so I can use this script? Thank you!
      Line:   52
      Char:   74
      Error:  Unterminated string constant
      Code:   800A0409
      Source: Microsoft VBScript compilation error
    • Just add the missing "
    • OK....that didn't work out so well.  What I tried to type was add the missing ampersand just before the "_" on that line. Jsut look at the other lines that wrap to the next for an example, like line 42.
    • I created a modified version of this script that will post the results to a CSV file. (good for running batch jobs for multiple groups) I will upload it and link back to this thread shortly. (If that is ok with the owner.)
    • Nice Script. :)
    • saves lives, thanks :)