List Installed Software

Returns a list of software that was installed on a computer using Windows Installer. This information is then written to a text file. This script was tested using Perl 5.8.0.

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  • Hangs at constant definitions, how to fix
    1 Posts | Last post October 16, 2009
    • I am trying to use this with ActivePerl 5.8.9 and when I attempt to run it hangs.  Even when I comment out the 'use constant's and put in 0x10 and 0x20 into the ExecQuery it hangs.  It is hanging immediately though because even if I put a print "test"; line anywhere in the program, it does not print out unless ExecQuery does NOT receive a third argument of 0x10 | 0x20.  I also tried 'use strict' and putting 'my' in front of variables and it hung in the same way.
      I am stumped.  Why might this be happening?